March 1, 2022

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Hybrid

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [513-760-6776|+1 513-760-6776] and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

Weekly Meeting Agenda



  • In Person Events are back on.
  • Members may enter and use the space 24/7. If you Feel Sick - Stay Home.
  • Masks are optional, but encouraged
  • Get vaccinated if you can, while you are at it, get a Flu shot
  • Respect Science, Respect Nature, Respect Each Other

Building Updates

  • PLEASE respect the building alarm
  • We have 24 hour access to our space and the front stairwell ONLY, all other areas will trigger the alarm.
  • The alarm is active from 10pm to 6am
  • Do not go into any other part of the building during these times (ie; dumping the trash), as it will set off the alarm.

Welcome Guests!

  • Introductions
  • What kind of things are you interested in doing/making?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Tour After Meeting

Upcoming Events and Classes


  • Thursday, March 3rd at 7:30pm
    • Retro Game Night
  • Thursday, March 3rd at 6 to 9 pm
  • Saturday, March 5th at 2 pm
    • Metal Lathe class
    • Metal Mill class at 3:30 pm
    • Both taught by Brad W.
  • Tuesday, March 8th after the meeting
  • Saturday March 12 at noon
    • Saturday Cleanup
  • Monday March 14th at 7:30 pm
    • Board Meeting
  • Wednesday March 16th at 7:30 pm
    • Outreach Committee meeting
  • Friday, March 18th at 6pm
    • Needlecraft Night
  • Saturday March 19th
    • TIG and Stick welding class
    • Teacher?
  • Wednesday March 23rd at 8pm
    • Warden's meeting
  • Saturday March 26th at 1:30pm
    • Technology Committee meeting
  • Tuesday, April 12th after the meeting

Hive Fives

  • See TV Board

Space Improvements

  • we have a demagnetizer! Thanks Paul!
  • Massive improvements in the hot crafts area!
  • The big CNC got a facelift - thanks Coy!

Committee Updates

  • Outreach
    • Parade yelling from Kostas
    • T shirts, t shirts, getcha t shirts
      • Also - PTDR shirts
  • Hot Crafts


  • There is one Cornerstone Corner Storage space still available! Would anyone be interested in stepping up their membership?
  • Can you teach people to use something at the Hive?
    • Awesome. Add your name to the WIP list of wizards
  • Emergency contact compilation
  • We've received a large donation and could use some help sorting through it!


Frisbee Round

  • What have you been working on slideshow


start time: 7:32pm ET

end time: 8:06pm ET

Upcoming Events

  • we are removing the Resin 3D printing class as the space is not prepared for a full-on class.


Winning shirt design: I make things in this shirt

Orders start: Tonight

Orders End: April 1

Ask for more more information in #outreach channel in Slack!

If you are interested in acquiring a Power Tool Drag Racing T-Shirt please reach out in #outreach!

What is a cornerstone membership?

  • it's a way for you to give a little extra to the hive
  • you get a 4' x 4' storage space in return

  • Huge donation needs help sorting and testing hardware!
    • two truckloads of stuff
    • lots of really amazing stuff for us to use


(come to the kitchen committee meeting on march 19!

Death Cafe on March 19 (5-9pmish) -- Alive in the Hive

  • there will be cheese pizza involved

An order to Delphi Glass will be made later today. Please contact Lisa C. if you would like more stuff.

  • does a lot of stained glass
  • sheet glass
  • tools for glass
  • and supplies for slumping and fusing