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==Old business==
==Old business==
* Gigabot Update
* Gigabot Update
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* Remote Server Hosting Budget - $300/yr for server hosting (just this year)
** Yes: 12, No: 0
* Gigabot Update
** Ivan is going back and forth with manufacturer about hardware issues. Update pending.
** Missing shield that has the thermocoupler inputsl.
* CNC Update
** Needs new stepper driver, underpowering the motors seems to be the problem according to the Internet.
* Power Series Update
** Put batteries into vehicle, meeting tomorrow (Wednesday)
* Wood Storage
** If you have wood stored at the Hive, talk to Elly about getting your own section.
* Power Outage
** We had a power outage, Fastor is down until further notice. Things may have been lost. Woe is us for not backing up.
* Shapeoko Demo
** Julien will be doing a Shapeoko demo/class at next Tuesday's meeting!
* Movie Night Next Friday @ Hive13
** Startrek marathon
* Cincy Popup Camp
* March 28th, if anyone wants to show at this event, talk to Katie! RSVP is encouraged.