March 13, 2018

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am.
  • Shelf D is now up for grabs. New stuff goes on Shelf E.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.
  • Label your personal supplies & tools.
  • Keep the space clean. If you need to have a mess, claim it on the mailing list.
  • Try to get your stuff in your Member Storage spots in a box of some sort. Request new storage spots on
  • At the end of the meeting, please put your chair back on the cart.

Old Business

  • Camera upgrades/issues
  • Network upgrades
  • Space re-organization
    • annex space plan update
    • work tables -- Lorin hosted a table group build last weekend.
    • Ry still owes us a floorplan. We hate Ry.
  • Roofers have been seen atop the anchor building.
    • Wait for them to finish, then complain about whatever is still broken.
  • Board meeting happened. Ry will post minutes tomorrow.
  • Dave V. machined a spindle mount for the Shapeoko.
    • Thanks, Dave!
  • Delta Dorks Update
    • Haven't done much this week

Upcoming events

  • March 19th -- Locksport meetup.
  • March 24th -- Cleanup Saturday. Potluck. Game night.
    • Formerly the 17th, moved due to St. Patrick's Day.
  • ReUse-apalooza 2018 Friday May 18th. They were asking about Power Tool Drag Racing (do we want to commit?)
    • When I told him PTDR was retired his response was; "Ohhh noooo! Maybe we can provide an incentive like racking, wood or any other materials we bring in that your members could use?"

New Business

  • Repair Faire - Saturday March 10th:
    • Dave V went and tried to repair some stuff.

The week in Wiki



Frisbee Round

  • Greg - removed a thumbtack from the wheels of the pink trash can (?), door updates, helped Ryan with vertical storage, re-wired lounge lights
  • Henry - Visiting, lots of kinds of projects.
  • Paul - Been going to the Manufactory. Interested in learning to make a CNC machine.
  • Jim - Working on an arduino rf-sensor project.
  • Kerensa - Did not break the laser this week. Make a desk thingy.
  • Nancy - Blah blah, something about dishes. Made a thing for holding ear filters.
  • Jim (#2) - Does ham radio and electronics. Came to check the place out.
  • Ian - Sleep, Work, Finance Website.
  • Dave V - Repair Faire. Made a Shapoko Bracket thing.
  • Daryl - DB developer. Likes arduinos and pinball.
  • Ryan - Worked on vertical storage. Working on side project in python.
  • Chris - Here 2 years ago with nephew. Came back. Looking for Paradigm Players.
  • Jeremy - Programmer. Lock-picker. Lockpicking event on Monday.