March 17, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Gigabot Update
  • CNC Update
  • Power Series Update
  • Fastor Repair Effort
  • Movie Night Recap
  • Cincy Popup Camp - March 28th, next next weekend

New business

  • Shapeoko
  • Space Next to Glass Shop
  • Bill Is Donating Another Printer
  • Area Warden Mailbox


  • Brandon - work stuff
  • John M. - old member that's coming back
  • Tyler - working on a smart thermostat for senior project
  • Dan - working on costuming stuff, figured out how to convert video game models for costuming
  • Cori - Guest, checking out cnc and 3d printing stuff
  • Chris - Guest, dragged along by Cori
  • Brian - came for CNC demo
  • Tiffany - came for cnc demo
  • Andrew - learning the 3d printer, building own 3d printer
  • Julien - working on limit switch for Shapeoko, giving demo after meeting!
  • Bill - donated 3d printer, factory is making his printers!
  • Coy - working on the CNC a lot, defending his thin coating of sawdust on everything. we still blame him.
  • James - He's old, and he's a member. Unrelated. Helping his son.
  • Jim - working on power series racer, lasered something at work he wasn't supposed
  • Ryan - worked on coffee table, fixed Fastor, vacuumed
  • Katie - working on models for work
  • Ivan - working on grant application, seeking team members in EE
  • Derrick - student, rock climbing
  • Nancy - successful movie night, mowed yard for first time, rode motorcycle for first time this year
  • Elly - worked on pedal bike, working on Hive marketing
  • Ian - learned a valuable lesson about drones and flying them indoors.



  • Gigabot Update
    • Thinks the replacement part is in the mail. Will keep us updated.
  • CNC Update
    • Working! Still a few tweaks needed, but otherwise in operational condition!
    • We'll need to rework our dust handling solution.
    • In the next few months we'll need to purchase software to run the CNC.
  • Power Series
    • Probably will be working by April. Probably.
  • Fastor Repair Effort
    • Successfully made a backup of everything that was on Fastor
    • Ryan needs to rebuild the RAID array
  • Movie Night Recap
    • "It was fun." - Elly
    • "Had good discussions." - Nancy
    • "Literally a bunch of people watching Star Trek." - Brandon
    • Possibly one next month?
  • Cincy Popup Camp
    • Next next weekend, an event with Popup Cincy
    • 1-5, open session. block party 5-7
  • Bill Is Donating Another Printer
    • Fully modern! Everything about this printer is in the cloud.
    • Queuing system and a lot of other advanced features. Please see Bill for questions!
  • Sycamore Capstone Project - Derrick
    • Student guest needs people to interview! Please talk to him after the meeting.
  • Area Warden Mailbox