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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Gigabot Update
  • CNC Update
  • Power Series Update
  • Making space for makers

New business

  • Structural engineer
  • wood storage!
  • CTO budget
  • Second tuesday talk
  • Next tuesday talk possibly Julien + Shapeoko


  • Ian W - working on the BFR-9000
  • Tony - Just joining, in Lorin's UC class. Wants to make a spectrogram.
  • Tess - Also new, in Lorin's UC class. Interested in pyrotechnics.
  • Lorin - Teaches a UC class.
  • Ross - Wants to mess with the welder.
  • Lorenzo - Wants to learn about electronics
  • Jason - Shoveled a lot of snow
  • Hodapp - Just learned it was possible to use a shovel as a sled
  • Nancy - Found out that root canals aren't that bad
  • Ryan - CTO, welding a coffeee table together
  • Ivan - Participated in final friday (transit based art)
  • Andrew - Second time here, got a crash course in Linux, researching aluminum casting
  • Bill - Brought snow back from Boston
  • Jim - Back from two weeks in Germany
  • Coy - working on the BFR-9000
  • Julien - Has been playing with a cnc mill/Pick and place/solderpaste dispenser
  • Kevin - AR-15 builds, lots of free time due to a layoff
  • Ken - power tool drag racing season is coming up soon!
  • Elly - Wood storage, made brownies


  • gigabot update
    • Ivan is taking a break from it
    • No daughterboard still
  • CNC update
    • Went backwards a bit :)
    • Will be done in a while..
  • Power series update
    • Shealy not here
  • Making space for makers
    • Very businessy
    • We should do a lot more outreach so we don't get left behind
  • Structural engineer
    • Probably around $500
  • Wood storage
    • Elly redesigned our wood storage
    • Now vertical! Much easier to organize
    • If you want a slot please ask Elly (she is the area warden)
  • CTO budget
    • Jon screwed up the blog and we need backups
    • Ryan wants $300 for a years hosting for virtual servers and backups
  • Second tuesday talk is next week
    • Shadoxx will be discussing sound synthesis
  • Next month maybe Julien will do a talk/class on the shapeoko