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| Previous Meeting=April 25, 2009
| Next Meeting=May 23, 2009

== Coordinates ==
== Coordinates ==
**Time:** 1:00 - 3:00 PM  
'''Time:''' 1:00 - 3:00 PM  
**Space:** [[|Taza]] (in the loft), [[,+Ohio+45219|map]]
'''Space:''' [ Taza] (in the loft), [,+Ohio+45219 map]

== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==
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== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==
xaphan JasonC
* xaphan / JasonC
nauseaboy RyanW
* nauseaboy / RyanW
* addison
* chrisA
* chrisHA
DaveM [[user:DaveMenninger]]
* [[User:DaveMenninger|DaveM]]
* ErikC
* Justin
* JohnM
JasonB [[user: drfuzz]]
* JasonB
* Craig

== Minutes ==
== Minutes ==

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Previous Meeting: April 25, 2009 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: May 23, 2009


Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Space: Taza (in the loft), map


  • I. Introductions
  • II. Work Group Reports
    • A. Paper Pushers
      • 1. What were those 501(c)(3) requirements?
    • B. Meatspacers
      • 1. Found any good spots?
      • 2. What kinds of rentals terms/prices are we seeing out there?
    • C. Tool and Skill Mongers
    • D. Scroungers / Scavengers
    • E. Propagandists
      • 1. Let's talk about names?
    • F. Communications
      • 1. Google Group + wikispaces + silcnet working for everyone?
  • III. Membership Discussion
    • A. How does one join?
    • B. Should we have tiers?


  • xaphan / JasonC
  • nauseaboy / RyanW
  • addison
  • chrisA
  • chrisHA
  • DaveM
  • ErikC
  • Justin
  • JohnM
  • JasonB
  • Craig


  • I. Introductions
  • II. Work Group Reports
    • A. Paper Pushers
      • Erik: Jason is the expert,
      • ChrisA:
        • met a lawyer from PowerStaion1 at Notacon, maybe will tap her brain
        • Board is good, but board/consensus makes most decisions
        • planet7 story about pain of re-incorporating -> pick a nice, generic name
      • DaveM:
      • JohnM, RyanW: the whole two corporation thing; parent/children corps
      • JasonC: don't forget about the bake sale!
      • Fermentation hacking! beer, cheese, yogurt
      • Next Action:
        • get the appropriate forms, fill them out, present at next meeting
        • anyone know a lawyer? get some help from them -DaveM: I know some lawyers
    • B. Meatspacers
      • ErikC: found 2200 sqft in St. B
      • ChrisA: a 2600 guy, carl, sent him something about House of Tropics site is for sale; price is dropping, still expensive though
      • JohnW: do we care about things other than size? ...yes
      • How small can we go if the space is otherwise awesome?
      • Chris A: keep the leases short so we couls start small and move out
      • JohnW: often lease requirements are 5 years min.
      • DaveM: how should we pitch spaces?
        • wiki?, list threads? everyone: please document
      • Addison: knows of people in the non-profit scene who got hooked up with some nice space from D.A.W.G.
      • ChrisA: knows a doc that is in contact with C.P.S., but we'd have to somehow be related to her org.
      • JasonB: finding a price point; probably makes sense to find space first then figure membership $ from that.
      • ChrisA: saw a preso at Last Hope on hackerspace: don't rule out "bad neighborhoods"
      • Justin: pretty easy to do security with web cams
      • JasonB: working from theoretical # of members times $fee$ is backwards
      • ChrisA/JasonB: we don't want another job, don't want to be too much in charge
      • ErikC: every monday thing; maybe people should be doing
      • JasonB: knows a guy that knows all the real estate people in town.
      • DaveM: wikipage for where to go to look for spaces, also document examined spaces
      • ErikC: next meeting focused on pitching spaces
    • JasonB: legal stuff update
      • started a wiki page for Paper Pushers, check out the links there
      • two types of non-profit:
      • 501c3,
        • takes special upkeep work to keep status
        • write-offs are good things
        • we need to find something that's a social good; Addison can we get a list of what qualifies?
        • No politcal stuff at all
      • 501c7: "social club"
        • requirements are less, but some are relevant: primarily membership based, no tax-deductible donations, etc.
      • ChrisA: workshops could count as "education"
      • Addison: check with the Weavers Guild, they have a house, what are they doing?
      • Addison: what kinds of taxes would we pay in each situation?
      • JohnW: doing that social good takes up time/focus
      • JasonB: maintaining this corporation will be serious work
      • JasonC: I like the social club, because it is easier to maintain, less obligation; asking for donations bites
      • JasonB: it's always possible to change status later; costs money, but not a huge big deal
      • ErikC: I like the 501c7 too. Most seem in favor.
      • JasonB: there are many other types of crazy non-profits including being a "lodge" :)
      • JasonC: can we still charge for workshops and stuff? JasonB: it seems like yes, up to a certain percent of our $income.
      • Justin: what about the membership tiers thing?
        • JasonB: how to enforce it?
        • JasonC: use access to shop as a membership benefit
        • ChrisA: will big big will college students: maybe have a student price
        • Addison: allow people to donate service instead of fees
        • JasonB: enforcement of different levels is important / difficult
      • Consensus is on starting out as a social club and re-evaluate at a future time; motion, seconded, approved.
        • let's fill out the paperwork, we need a name
        • incorporate twice?
        • ChrisA: voting issues, don't want to have big hangups and consult the board for every little thing
        • JasonB: think about majority vs plurality etc, other types of voting
        • DaveM: it should be in person. usually there is a quorum rule.
        • JasonB: frequency of board member rotation, who is eligible?
        • DaveM: usually you nominate, second, then elect
        • Addison: we will have two boards: may be made up differently
        • JohnM: required offices? JasonB: not by law.
        • ChrisA: minimum is 3; should there be more?
        • ErikC: number of board members ought to be determined by workload on that body
        • JasonB: what are the roles?
          • treasurer, secretary, president,
          • duties: care, compliance, etc, etc
      • JasonB: board members don't even have to be members, residents, etc
        • Addison: I like that idea of outside people on the board
    • Meeting Spaces
      • people like Taza
      • two weeks from now. the 23rd. some are out of town. have meeting anyway?
    • New Members!
      • In large part from ChrisA'a preso
      • a little peanut gallery-esque
      • addison found us on, knows others who would want in
    • C. Tool and skill mongers
      • JohnM: make a page to list tools/skills on wiki
      • Addison: thread on the list for roll call
    • D. Scroungers / Scavengers
      • Justin: has a mini fridge, found some chairs on craigslist
      • many have misc items on hand already at home
      • dumpster-diving trip?
      • DaveM: Hamilton County has an auction site with good stuff
      • JasonC: bunch of old PCs and CRTs
      • Justin: server racks?
      • JasonC: what types of stuff might we need besides electronics?
      • Addison: chemlabs
      • Justin: found plans for iron foundry using microwave
      • DaveM: have an X10
    • E. Propaganda
      • names: hive-mind, bakery, the borg, "The Cincinnati Hackerspace Project"
        • JasonC: "we are the bakery: prepare to be assimilated"
        • ChrisA: "The Enrichment Center"; sounds sciency; it's in Portal.
        • JasonB: will file forms as something super generic, then file a DBA for an additional name(s)
        • JasonC: wants to get to work on designs, logos, stuff like that
        • ChrisA: it should have "enterprises" in it
        • we all have many domains, put them down on the wiki if they are good
        • "square", "cupcake", "gordian research", "the pit", "ei pie bakery", "the max", "the bar",
        • "the factory", "the foundry", places where something gets made, "the ___ lab", CERN, "kathleen turner overdrive", "the bea arthur room", "not safe for work"
      • start names a thread on the list; google moderator?
      • ChrisA: JasonC has a lead on getting stickers and stuff
    • F. Communications
      • host our own? once we have a domain
      • DaveM: stick with it until we get a domain, or start self-hosting sooner rather than later
      • JasonB: be careful of legal stuff with using other people's hosting before we incorporate
      • JasonC: like to host stuff on our own premises
      • silc: anyone using it?
        • JasonB: would be good to have an easier / more public channel; fnet?
        • several people are in their idling in there
      • ErikC: using arsclan irc, and liking that
    • final thoughts
      • JohnM: first meeting of the month be dues collecting day to get a little bit of money?
        • JasonB: we need a bank account to put the money in, which will be next month
        • Craig: has used legalzoom, pretty easy
      • Craig knows some people who would be paying but non-active members
    • Next Meeting action items:
      • JasonB will have the paperwork on hand, or at least present if he's not there
        • will go ahead and submit forms. will use his own address for now (ChrisA recommends get a po box).
      • start threads on wiki/list for accumulated skills, tools, names
      • migrate over to fnet for chat
      • DaveM: don't forget to arrange for taza space for two weeks for now
      • ErikC: Create a template / form to use for use in checking out spaces, put it in the wiki, email it out