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Each membership may request assignment of a standard member storage space by default. The Members rack storage space may contain a box up to 12" h, 16" w, 38" d. Members should request a storage space via their intweb member account page. Go to sign in. Find My Storage Slots and click - Request a new spot. To keep things organized and modular, everyone should place their stored items inside of a box or boxes. Item just placed on the shelf tend to spread, fall, get dusty and look disorganized.

Members may make a box to fit the allowed space. Many designs exist and are often made of salvaged materials.

current storage space

Dependent on assigned location the member may find a fully loaded box of maximum allowed dimensions is too heavy to manage. An alternative solution is a plastic storage box or boxes which may be stacked in the assigned 12" h, 16" w, 38" d storage space. A number of alternatives may be found at local big box stores.

A second standard rack storage space may be requested, dependent on availability and with sufficient justification. Second spaces will be assigned locations higher on the rack. This policy is intended to allow a space for each members storage box. If a member has a hoarding problem, they need to keep it at home.

There are a few classes of items that will not fit in one of these boxes:

  • Raw materials (sheets of plastic and wood)
  • Large projects
  • Large tools

Large raw materials are currently stored in the Temporary Wood Project Storage or Half-Height Vertical Storage, as well as metal in the dirty room. If your material is not in a labelled shelf, it must have your name on it so it's not used by someone else thinking it's free to use.

Large projects will have a temporary storage area and will need to be okayed by the COO and renewed on a monthly basis. We have a small problem from time to time with longer term projects taking up work space. Large projects stored for a couple of days (i.e. drying paint/stain) may be left out on the workbenches with a note containing your name and contact info, and a date by when it'll be removed. Please understand that projects left out like this may be moved if needed.

Large tools will have to be okayed by the COO.

  • If the tool is part of a large project, it can be stored with it if the owner doesn't want others using it.
  • Large tools can also be brought down so the owner has a better place to use it/more room at their home. If this is the situation the general membership should be allowed to use it while it is here. This must be okayed by the COO.

If you have any thoughts or want to bring something up then talk to the COO or any Officer or Warden.