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Area Wardens, Membership Proposal I

Note that this is currently a proposal for what member storage will be. We are to the point where members are looking for storage in odd places around the space due to lack of organization and lack of official member storage.

To keep things a little more organized and more modular than they were before this is the general setup: Members will get storage boxes that are 30cm x 40cm x 100cm. These are larger in size than almost all current member storage other than the open beige shelves. Multiple people have tested picking them up and with handles everyone has felt they are a comfortable size.

current storage space

To start each member may have one box by default. If people feel that two boxes should be the amount included with membership then we can give people who need it an extra box. Three boxes is probably too much and we may need to include something extra for the people who really need it (people working on larger projects for a while and have lots of smaller tools and items) like a small fee to discourage people from using the hive as a storage warehouse. This will prevent us from using up a huge amount of space for member storage rather than tools.

There are a few classes of items that will not fit in one of these boxes:

  • Raw materials (sheets of plastic and wood)
  • Large projects
  • Large tools

Large raw materials are currently stored near the tools they will be used with (wood is back in the woodworking area, metal in the dirty room, and plastic in the fab lab) and will probably continue to be like this. We may come up with a more organized solution for these items on a per area basis.

Large projects will have a temporary storage area and will need to be OKed by the COO and renewed on a monthly basis. If their are projects that will be worked on regularly for a few weeks then there will eventually be a couple of work benches that will be available for "checking out" for this kind of stuff. We have a small problem with longer term projects taking up work space right now.

Large tools will have to be OKed by the COO. Topic of discussion: large tools can be part of a large project and stored like that if the owner doesn't want others using it. Large tools can also be brought down so the owner has a better place to use it/more room at their home. If this is the situation the general membership should be allowed to use it while it is here.

Goal with this: Make it easier for new people to get storage. Make storage more efficient so more members can store items. The current size makes it very easy to store them on pallet racks. Provide an enclosed and portable container for people's items so they can be easily accessed. Prevent people from spreading their stuff about the space so when they leave we don't have to worry about whether or not their stuff is a part of the hive. Member storage will also look cleaner.

If you have any thoughts or want to bring something up then talk to Jon Neal.