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'''Treasurer:''' [[User:Jim | Jim Dallam]]
'''Treasurer:''' [[User:Jim | Jim Dallam]]

'''Secretary:''' Jack Margeson
'''Secretary:''' [[User:Jackmargeson | Jack Margeson]]

'''CTO:''' Ryan Anderson  
'''CTO:''' Ryan Anderson  

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Hive13 Manual
Governance: Committees: Procedures: Membership: HOWTOS: Legal:

The leadership and members of Hive13 are:

Board of Directors


President: Kate Cook

Chief Membership Officer: Paul Picton

Treasurer: Jim Dallam

Secretary: Jack Margeson

CTO: Ryan Anderson

COO: John Clark

History of Leadership

See: Leadership History

Members' Pages

Note: This is just a list of individual members, present & past, who have registered a wiki account and created their own 'User' page. This is not a definitive, or up to date, list of current members.