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Obey the Rules

All members are required to abide by the Bylaws. These are for the most part common sense - don't destroy space property, play well with others and with others' tools, and abide by any set noise curfews.

Be Cool

We a community. This is a physical place filled with real people who are serious about working, learning, and having fun. We are easy to get along with. You should be too.


Every member is responsible for helping to maintain the space and for contributing to the group as a whole. Help out with projects when you're able to do so, assist with maintaining or cleaning the space, teach classes, whatever you can do.

Noise Curfew

The Hive is located in a building that is shared with other businesses and residential units. There will be posted noise restrictions and those MUST be obeyed.

Keep Current on Membership Fees

The Membership Fees are there to keep the space open for the enjoyment of all. You are expected to keep current on the Fees.

Membership Termination

If a member is determined to be disruptive to the group via a group vote, their membership may be terminated. All member privileges and access rights will be revoked, and any recurring monthly membership subscription will also be terminated. No refunds will be given for membership time unused due to involuntary termination.