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Membership Fee Structure

Hive13 has two tiers of membership with different fees:

Full Membership

$100 per month. This is the membership with full rights and privileges.

Contributing Membership

$35 per month. This membership level is intended for students and people who cannot or choose not to pay for a full membership. You will have access to site materials and voting rights, but you will not be provided with your own key to the facility. {TODO: Determine how to let contrib. members in?} On rare occasion it is possible to qualify for the Contributing rate when not a student. In order to qualify you must both be able to contribute above and beyond what a Full Member does, or provide an invaluable service.

What You Are Paying For

Access to the Space

Being a Full Member of Hive13 provides 24-hour access to an excellent working facility. Contributing Members must be escorted by a Full Member to have access to the facility.

Access to the extensive skill set and resources of the Hive13 members

Hive13 members have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and professions - from server administration to welding to complex organic biochemistry. As a Member you will be able to learn from us, as well as have the opportunity to teach in return.

Access to public tools, services, and classes

The space is maintained as a group workshop, and as such there will be access to shared tools that members will provide. As the Hive13 organization gets established, we will be purchasing tools for the group to use that most people could not afford alone - as of July 6th, we are planning to purchase a rapid prototyping system as one of our first group purchases.

Voting Rights

Voting rights - Members have the right to vote on any issues brought to the membership, which include electing the Board, electing Officers, and most major decisions governing the organization.

Internet resources

Members get a Hive13 Account which grants you an email address and access to all other internet services.

Payment Methods and Due Dates


Payments by Credit or Debit card are accepted by signing up for a subscription via paypal. Your first payment is withdrawn when you sign up, and then that date every month Paypal will automatically withdraw the membership fees. To start your subscription visit the Membership Enrollment page. {TODO: Should this link be given out when we actually accept people as opposed to being public?}

Cash or Check

Membership is due by the first of the month if paying with cash or check. You can make checks out to: Hive13 {TODO: Who do they pay? Any random member? Members of the Board? The Treasurer?}

How the Fees are Determined

The membership dues are determined by the Board of Directors and reflect the organizations' membership, costs for Hive13 expenses, and future group purchasing goals. The dues for each membership level will be changed periodically when the organizations' needs change.


Membership amount is derived from the amount of members and the minimum amount necessary to sustain an living space. At set intervals (TODO: Specify the dates) the membership will be re-evaluated. When membership is high the membership costs will go down. Currently we require 15 people at $100/mo minimum to sustain. If this number drops below the equation we will have to close the facilities.

Below is the equation for the minimum full members we need to sustain:

Total_Expenses = Rent + Insurance + ...
Safety_Cash = The money we want to put in the bank each month.

MemberCnt = The total # of members required
StudentCnt = The number of student members in the group.

This equation assumes $35 for students and $100 for Members.

MemberCnt = (Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * StudentCnt)) / $100

Therefore, if we look at it as:
Total_Expenses = $1200
Safety_Cash = $100
StudentCnt = 3
11.95 = ($1300 - $35 * 3) / $100

So we know we need to have 12 full members.

You can also graph this equation if you assume:
x = StudentCnt
y = MemberCnt

y= (Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * x)) / $100

Just fill in Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash with their appropriate values.

Possibly a more useful equation would be the total ammount of dues needed to be paid if we have a certain number of Members / Students

Dues = [Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * StudentCnt)] / MemberCnt

Here we can see that if we have 2 student and 13 full time members, the membership cost would be...
$94.61 per Member