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Area Wardens, Membership Proposal I

Membership Fee Structure

Hive13 has three tiers of membership with different fees:

Full Membership

$50 per month. This is the membership with full rights and privileges.

Student Membership

Full-time students may pay the discounted price of $13.37 and have the rights and privileges of a Full Membership.

Cornerstone Membership

Cornerstone memberships are offered for people who want to support the hive at a higher level than the Full membership. It is $100 per month and are have the rights and privileges of a full member as well as getting 32 free minutes per month on the laser cutter rather than 16 per month.

Payment Methods


Payments by Credit or Debit card are accepted by signing up for a subscription via paypal. Your first payment is withdrawn when you sign up, and then that date every month Paypal will automatically withdraw the membership fees. To start your subscription visit the Membership Enrollment page.

Cash or Check

Membership is due by the first of the month if paying with cash or check. You can make checks out to: Hive13. There is a locked drop box in the hackerspace where money can be deposited, or you can give your money to the treasurer (currently Jim Dallam).

How the Fees are Determined

The membership dues are set by the Board of Directors with input and approval by the membership.