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Hive13 Membership Fees and Responsibilities

Being a member of Hive13 provides access to an excellent working facility (TODO: Add link to physical space info). Access the the extensive skill set and resources of the Hive13 organization. Access to public tools and services as well as classes provided by Hive13. You will have full access to internet resources and 24/hour access the the building and work facilities.

(TODO: Summarize space and service benefits)

Membership Equation

Membership amount is derived from the amount of members and the minimum amount necessary to sustain an living space. At set intervals (TODO: Specify the dates) the membership will be re-evaluated. When membership is high the membership costs will go down. Currently we require 15 people at $100/mo minimum to sustain. If this number drops below the equation we will have to close the facilities.

Below is the equation for the minimum full members we need to sustain:

Total_Expenses = Rent + Insurance + ...
Safety_Cash = The money we want to put in the bank each month.

MemberCnt = The total # of members required
StudentCnt = The number of student members in the group.

This equation assumes $35 for students and $100 for Members.

MemberCnt = (Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * StudentCnt)) / $100

Therefore, if we look at it as:
Total_Expenses = $1200
Safety_Cash = $100
StudentCnt = 3
11.95 = ($1300 - $35 * 3) / $100

So we know we need to have 12 full members.

You can also graph this equation if you assume:
x = StudentCnt
y = MemberCnt

y= (Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * x)) / $100

Just fill in Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash with their appropriate values.

Possibly a more useful equation would be the total ammount of dues needed to be paid if we have a certain number of Members / Students

Dues = [Total_Expenses + Safety_Cash - ($35 * StudentCnt)] / MemberCnt

Here we can see that if we have 2 student and 13 full time members, the membership cost would be...
$94.61 per Member


Membership is $100/mo with payment due by the end of the month. Failure to receive payment by the due date will result in termination of your account and access being revoked to the building. If a physical key is required (as opposed to an electrical/biometric locking system) then a small deposit of $20 is required when you sign up for a key. This will be returned when the key is returned.

On the first month of membership you will get a Hive13 Account and access to all internet services including voting rights. You will have to meet with a member at the facility to receive your access.

All membership queries should be directed at


Every member is responsible for helping to maintain the space and contributing to the group. Helping with projects, assisting with building the space or keeping it clean, teaching classes, etc. Due to the residential levels above the space there will also be a noise curfew. Details on what exactly that means are posted on the noise curfew page.

Student Discounts

If you are a full time student, either in high school or an university then you are eligible for a membership discount. The fee is $35/mo. You will have full internet access, voting rights and you will be allowed to use the facility. However, you will not be provided your own key to the facility. We will have a method to contact the space to see if somebody is there to let you in. (TODO: Provide details)

Additional Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to contribute extra to the community and perform the dirty jobs or errands necessary to keep the facilities in good working order.


On rare occasion it is possible to qualify for a student rate or an exception entirely even when not a student. In order to qualify you must not be able to pay the normal membership fee and be able to contribute above and beyond what is required by a normal member or provide an invaluable service. NOTE: being very skilled is NOT enough to be eligible. All the members of Hive13 are very skilled so we will reject any requests of that nature.


If a member is being disruptive or providing serious problems to the group or the facilities then they can be voted out of the organization. A group vote is taken and if it is decided your membership should be terminated you will have your access revoked. You will not get a refund for that month. We will stop accepting payment for membership as well.