Move Meeting - March 19th, 2020

Move Meetings
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Trello Updateing

    • What do we think the schedule can/should look like?
    • Who is taking the task of making it look like that? Each team, then one or two people to check dependencies?

Build activities with virus restrictions

    • Can we build, just keeping teams small as possible?
    • What can be done while minimizing interpersonal contact?

Budget to cover moving and build out cost. $15,000

    • $2k for moving machines
    • $6k electrical build out
    • $4k wall/space build out
    • $3k kitchen (cabinets, counters, sink)

Floor plan

    • Any dissenters or alternate plans brewing?
    • Can we lock down a plan today without risk of future massive shift?

Wall building BOM and Material Purchase


    • Ramset(s) - did they show up? where are they? need to get model to order correct fasteners and charges
    • Wall Building will require:
      • Ramset(s)
      • Mallets and Hammers
      • Vice grip pliers/clamps
      • drills with screw driving bits
      • Tin snips
      • Razor Blades/box cutters
      • straight edges
      • levels
      • plumb-bob
      • chalk line
      • sawhorses
      • ladders/scaffolding


  • We will be using Kevin’s proposed layout as the plan to build to
  • Things will change as issues come up, but we can work with it.
  • Let’s order material as soon as vote passes. have material on hand, full order so that material is never the bottleneck.
  • We will need to make/scavange temporary doors, $5k for new stuff, find/make or vote as seperate vote later after move-in.
  • Add framing square to tools list.
  • Need assortment of ramset charge powers to test fastener set.