Move Meeting - March 26th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Build activities with virus restrictions

  • We can work on buildout under the "Critical Trades" exemption paragraph (paragraph k), as it supports our continued ability to provide access to tools and material for home and automotive repair (under paragraph k and paragraph h).
    • All work is 100% voluntary, don't come in if you are at all hesitant
    • Absolutely do not come in unless you are in 100% perfect health
    • We must follow the required precautions
      • Minimum size teams (4 should be enough for wall building and electrical, avoid more than 6 people in the space at all costs)
      • Keep 6 foot distance while working
      • Have hand sanitizer available and use it regularly

Floor plan

  • Kevin updated based on input about HVAC and comments from members, see above
  • electrical circuit list/layout at 80%, need input

Wall building BOM and Material Purchase


  • Kevin is getting sick of doing the planning, once the circuit list is done, can someone else take it and use it to put together the list of material to get quotes and order?