Move Meeting - May 21st, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Build Progress

  • Material Delivered
  • Bathroom/kitchen Framed
  • Landlord is covering wall build labor to compensate for delays
  • Shower drain
    • Would cost about $2500 as it needs to core drill through to the floor below.
    • There is a shower on the first floor that we can use
    • Should we have the drain installed or use the shower on the 1st?

What's Next?

  • Need to take our tools over?
  • What work do we want to do ourselves?


new pictures look amazing ​ yesterday a whole bunch more walls went up 60-80% framed everything is plumbed wash sink stubs, hot and cold water, drain and everything for the wash sink craft area, too dishwasher, kitchen sink changed the toilet plumbing; it's copper instead of flex line plumbed for the bathroom sink as well as for a mop sink, where we had the shower drawn on the sketch not shaped for a shower, not sure of their intention; there's a drain and hot and cold in that corner for however we want to make use of it ​ electrical 440 panel 3-phase panel is up, transformer is where it's going to be main panels are on the walls have trunk of cable coming out of one to transformer panels are not where we'd negotiated; will need to update the cable length spreadsheet velzy won't be on, but we're going to need to figure out what we're going to do for subpanels pictures of labels are in cable pullers, so we know what breakers we can get image we want to still do sub-panel in several spots to make wiring easier will need matching to what they're providing ​ walking around is really awesome; it's going to be huge; shops are going to be massive ​ are they hanging drywall? not until we tell them to or we do it ourselves not hanging until we have electrical finished might want to go in ourselves and hang one side ourselves then it's still accessible ​ blundar doesn't mind going down and pulling cable velzy reached out for quotes for electrical material haven't gotten quotes yet richard's is the cheapest velzy did reach out to them for a quote blundar gave velzy names for electricians for labor help ​ we're going to want to reach out to a few electricians and get quotes to have them do some or all of the work for us blundar: might want to prioritize work; like lights kevin: there are lights, they don't make sense for our floor plan, so we'll need to reconfigure them but they're bright ​ we need electrical material on hand ​ blundar: do we have data wiring; cat5 or cat6 drew: i need to work with Kevin this week or next to hammer out the lengths we need; i have some developments i talked to 2701's IT this week; some things have changed blundar: i have 600-800 foot of CAT5E or CAT6 from projects i have a decent number of light switches and outlets; our house is wired at this point, won't use it i'll take inventory and bring it down kevin: we've got a good count of what we'll need, so if you let us know what you have we can use it blundar: i'll try to get it done over the weekend kevin: quotes this week to decide who we're going with blundar: it might make sense to get some supplies ASAP; as soon as walls are up if electric prevents the drywall going up we should get started on it kevin: first thing the subpanels need to go in. velzy's RFQ didn't include subpanels blundar: could start with the bathroom kevin: bathroom circuits are planned out; it's framed and plumbed and ready for electrical blundar: i have 30-100 feet of 12-2 or 14-2 laying around; kevin: that's only so helpful; most of our runs are around 100' bring it in we were planning on doing everything in MC blundar: no kevin: we'll pass recepticles and switches we can make use of ​ kevin: landlord is covering wall build out blundar: what's his poison? kevin: rent checks blundar: poison never hurts kevin: he wants to hang out when we have a party lisa: invite him when we have our open party ​ kevin: shower drain? plumber quoted $2500 to bore through the floor and have a shower drain didn't budget that can be added later i think we should do it later schwinn: there's a shower on the first floor blundar: that's kind of a bonus; and having access on the first floor schwinn: $2500 is almost the whole kitchen budget to throw a hole in the floor drew: we can keep it clear and add it later kevin: can put a mop sink in and pull it out later schwinn: is there going to be a mop sink outside? kevin: a mess sink; like a utility sink schwinn: i'm cold on it blundar: if we can postpone, that's adequate chris: a 6" diamond drill is $40 a day to rent the drill itself is $150-160 a day if we wanted to fuck around with doing it, for $500 we could drill the hole easily we could do that if we wanted to mess with it doesn't have to happen now tim: punt! punt! punt! punt! ​ kevin: we'll have other things to put up for vote ​ kevin: kitchen? it's ready for stuff to start buying there if you find something to get, that needs to happen now schwinn: my attitude about the urgency of it being open when we open has shifted; it might be a while before we need it blundar: having a refrigeration unit, and sink, and something to generate heat would be nice ​ kevin: we're taking the stove and fridge from here schwinn: it might not be spit-polished by then we'd talked about the kitchen being there on day one i've abandoned that notion i don't know what day 1 actually is ​ kevin: we have to just go with the flow on how this goes schwinn: it's cool that we have other people to do this ourselves we can figure out how to do the rest safely on our own terms ​ kevin: i'm still worried about the electrical in that respect schwinn: yeah, but you're not going to be thinking about the walls you were really strung out 2 months ago about who's doing what when now it's answered itself ​ burdick: i like that we can keep social distancing in our new space; functional work space chris: one thing i'm looking at is that the more outside and fresh air the better i'm pushing to basically not open for customers indoors since we own a parking lot and patio the more that we can open windows, the better the less that we're recycling through HVAC, the better ​ dust collection blowing out the side of the building; and ventilation doing that would probably be an ASAP priority ​ schwinn: i'll look into windows kevin: 2701 will install windows ​ drew: we had a chat with 2701's it person (velzy and drew) they are prepared to provide internet, firewall, and wireless, and an ethernet handoff to anything we want my BOM got shorter by not needing to buy a router he's going to allow incoming VPN, azure connections, etc. ​ he uses new access points; he'll be covering the space with wireless APs he's going to give each tenant a vlan and independent firewall rules thanks to some of us lifting some of our infrastructure into the cloud, we can bring that in easily ​ chris: what's the bandwidth coming into the building? drew: it's through CBTS; it's not fioptics metro ethernet ​ kevin: what do we want to do ourselves? what are we taking over to the building? ​ blundar and kevin bringing big table over and leaving blundar's truck there lisa: if you take a table, take 2 chairs or stools or something? schwinn: i second that ​ schwinn: my agenda doesn't interfere; i'm going to clean windows and build sound baffles which hang from the ceiling chris: speaking of the big tables; is that cart still there with all the chairs? we can take that cart and one or two tables from the lounge ​ kevin: i'm also interested in taking a couch and recliner for the new lounge we can start building out a comofy spot ​ schwinn: when will we have access to wifi? drew: he'll let me know when they come in; we'd have an ethernet handoff for our switches and APs ​ schwinn: my work does not care if i cowork; my work from home brings a lot of liberty; as soon as i have my laptop set up there i can work from there drew: i'll have him add a configuration for us and pass that along ​ jill: i can help cleaning windows schwinn: there's like 18 of them jill: since i'm not doing school, i can't stand being in the house all day schwinn: i'll take the screens out for pressure washing ​ kevin: if you have a list of things to move over post it in slack wall builders won't be doing any more work until tuesday ​ drew: can we get together to set up for ethernet runs? ​ schwinn: sounds like we're moving the hive blundar: it's real! ​ drew: i'll have to give you locations and switch stacks and drops kevin: that's what i did with the sub panels for the electric