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|TV Series Pilot Movies
|TV Series Pilot Movies
|Babylon 5 the Gathering, Salvage I, etc.
|Babylon 5 the Gathering, Salvage I, etc.

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Movie Night will be held on the first or second Saturday of the month as schedules allow. They are organized as a joint project between the Kitchen and Lounge Area Wardens. Times for the events will be sent out on the mailing list several days prior to the event. Some snacks are provided and bringing food and drink to share is encouraged and appreciated.

Event History

Date Theme Movies
03/13/2015 Leonard Nimoy Memorial Trek-athon
02/13/2015 Cheesy Hacker Movies

Proposed Future Themes

{- |- !Theme !Movies |- |Matrix Series Marathon |Matrix 1-3 (The Animatrix?) |- |Firefly/Serenity |Favorite Firefly episodes. (Possibly determined by Poll beforehand?) |- |Post-apocalyptic | |- |Lord of the Rings | All three Extended editions (Probably multiple nights) and fan movies: 'Born of Hope' and 'Hunt for Gollum' |- |Macgyver |Marathon of favorite Macgyver Episodes |- |Babylon 5 | |- |Battlestar Galactica (Original) | |- |Documentary Night |Hacker Documentaries (Freedom Downtime, Hacking Democaracy, etc.) |- |Cheesy Hacker Movies II: Electric Boogaloo |There's plenty left :p (Sneakers, Swordfish, Takedown, Die-hard 4, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Antitrust, The Net, etc., etc., etc.) |- |Star Wars |Marathon original trilogy (unmodified version?) |- |Superhero Movies |Sooooo many of them. |- |Indie Films | |- |Steampunk | |- |Die Hard Marathon |Die Hards 1-3... because... I mean let's face it... |- |Terminator Marathon |Duh... |- |Time Travel Movies |Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Looper, The Final Countdown, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Primer, Groundhog Day |- |Monster Movies (Werewolves/Vampires? Not Twilight.) | |- |Robot Movies | |- |Fantasy Movies |Highlander? |- |Bruce Campbell |Evil Dead, etc. |- |Mad Scientist Night! |Muahahahaha! |- |TV Series Pilot Movies |Babylon 5 the Gathering, Salvage I, etc. -}