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Hive13 Project
Hive13 MQTT Broker
Status: Active
Project Owner: * Chris Davis
Project Location: (currently)
Where to contribute: Ask
Start Date: 02/01/2021



A standard MQTT based service for data messaging for devices and systems around the Hive13 ecosystem.

Project Manager



  • Add yourself here if you have contributed to this project.

Goal of the Project

What has been done

  • MQTT topics for badge reader & door sensor at street door
  • Topics for object detection on some security cameras at space

To-do items

  • Document MQTT credentials somehow
  • Use SSL for MQTT connection!
  • Look at setting up a local MQTT bridge which forwards to an Internet one. Perhaps require no username/password for the local one, only the Internet one.
  • Look into 'persistent' flag for MQTT topics which indicate more of a state than an event.
  • Get person detection code & setup into a git repo!
  • Document person detection JSON format

Project Details

Available Topics

Topic Message type Description
hive13/street_door/door_sensor Door Sensor Door sensor for 2701 street entrance
hive13/street_door/badge Badge Badge scanner at 2701 street entrance
hive13/camera/detections Object Detection Summary of object detection on several security cameras
  • Door Sensor message type: A string containing "open" or "closed", sent only upon a change in the door sensor's value.
  • Badge message type: A string containing the RFID badge number in the same format as should be present in the database. (See RFID Access.)
  • Object Detection' message type: Work-in-progress. It's JSON for now.

Always a WIP, should be able to query the broker to find out?

Work Log

This is a living log of work that has been completed on the machine.

February 01, 2021 - Nominal initial setup of broker

Picked date for pretty alliteration

February 09, 2021 - First Topics, Door Controller Connected

Door controller now sending events for door sensor open / closed and badge reading

February 11, 2021 - Starting to Document

February 21, 2021 - Changed topics, added object detection

Code was committed to door controller (previously it was running in-memory to check for stability).

Object detection is running experimentally (off of an NVidia Jetson running YOLOv3). JSON format is still being documented and possibly changed. If this works well, I (Hodapp) will move it to the space and set it to run this at startup.