Ms. Pac-Man Bar

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Hive13 Project
Ms. Pac-Man Bar
Status: Complete
Start Date: 01/11/2010
End Date: 11/11/2011

Current Status

The game is setup for FREE play, so the next time you are at the HIVE you can and enjoy using it. See if you can own the new HIGH score! The ON/OFF switch is down low in the back. Turn it OFF when you're done for the night.

Project Leader

Development History

This project started years ago as a personal effort when we built a basement hang-out area for our teenage daughters and their friends. The girls have gone on to college and beyond and the wife wanted it moved out of the basement.

The HIVE seemed like a good place to consign it for now so it could get some more retro-nostalgia use until we figure out a final solution.

Here is the official Ms. Pac-Man story for the history buffs

We acquired an original game in the "cocktail table" version. By itself, it sits a bit low. We were building a bar structure anyway, so it was no big deal to notch out the end with a short platform that would fit the game at one end of the bar, at bar height. The bar structure comes out from the wall in a straight section, then curves with the Ms. Pac-Man game on the end. The straight section is sized to fit a dorm-size mini-refrigerator with access from the back side of the bar. The structure is basic 2x4 and plywood construction. The only fancy part is a series of kerf cuts so the plywood could bend around the curved side. Black Formica (R) was used for the bar top. Corrugated tin was used on the sides for an industrial look.