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= Hive Network Infrastructure Installation =
#REDIRECT [[Network]]
Current status as of December 21, 2012.
We've replaced the old shitty firewall with some new donated hardware, a Proliant G3 dual 2.8 Xeon 4Gig / RAID1-2x18gig with dual power supplies.  It has 4 network cards.  A lot of little things may be broken but we're working towards making all well.
Current as of July 9, 2012.
We're in the middle of putting in the permanent Hive13 network infrastructure. We will have jacks located in several areas outside the Office/Lab rooms, including along the Internet Bar, the Workbench, the Dirty Room, and eventually along the outside wall of the Office and the general workspace.
== Current Status ==
Network Infrastructure:
*The rack has been relocated to the area next to the pop machine.
* The network has been consolidated down to a 24 port patch panel and one 24 port switch.
* The new network cabinet is on wheels and also contains Hivestor and the Firewall.
* Hacklab is not operational at this time.
== Port Assignments - Patch Panel ==
* 1 - Webcam wall jack
* 2-5 Lounge 4 port wall jack
* 6-10 currently open, will likely be for FabLab or Workbench expansion
* 11 - drop to the CnC machine area
* 12, 13 - Bathroom
* 14-17 Pole by the workbenches
* 18-23 The bar - (one port of each jack save the last one is active at this time)
* 24 Public Wifi, this must remain with the current configuration (also runs the door switch)
= Hive Network Configuration =
* We're updating the Hive13 network configuration.
== Current Status =
'''If you make changes to the network, make sure these still function after the changes:'''
* DynDNS at hive13.dyndns.ws -- Currently DOWN
* Remote access/SSH - Currently DOWN
* IP Cop Firewall // Router ( -- Currently up
* Linksys AP (switch only) -- Currently up
* HP LaserJet 5SI NX ( -- Currently Up
* 1.8 TB Fileserver setup (Hivestore) -- Currently Up
* XBMC Hooked up to projector, network, and fileserver -- Currently Up.
== Work to be Done ==
*Complete the punchdown of the following:
** Patch panel ports 2-5 (The 4 port jack in the lounge)
** Patch panel 13 - Run #2 from the bathroom (cable is too short)
* Restore Hacklab
* Possibly dedicate a couple of runs in the Fab Lab
* Network map (when all others completed)
* Restore SSH access to Hivestor
= Hacklab =
[[Hacklab]] is a dangerous, experimental portion of the Hive13 network.  It is separate from the main network.

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