Hive Network Infrastructure Installation

We're in the middle of putting in the permanent Hive13 network infrastructure. We will have jacks located in several areas outside the Office/Lab rooms, including along the Internet Bar, the Workbench, the Dirty Room, and eventually along the outside wall of the Office and the general workspace.

Current Status

  • The rack has been set up with one 96 port patch panel and two 24-port switches.
  • Wire runs have been installed to the key areas. The Internet Bar and the Workbench are ready to be terminated.

Work to be Done

  • Dress cables w/in rack ahead of termination and punching down.
  • Dress cables along shelf of Internet Bar ahead of termination and punching down.

Intended Jacks

  • 16 along the Internet Bar.
  • 4 on the support column next to the Workbench.
  • 10 along the outside wall of the Office.
  • 2 inside the Dirty Room.
  • 1 on the "Webcam Mount".

Hive Network Configuration

We're updating the Hive13 network configuration.

Current Status

  • The Westell modem has been connected directly to the Smoothwall firewall's external (red) interface via the patch panel. Port 69. Red cable.
  • The Smoothwall has an internal (green) interface. This connects the firewall to the LAN. Yellow cable in port #2.
  • The Linksys AP has been placed up on the wiring cabinet and connected, via one of its switch ports, to the LAN. Yellow cable in switch port #1.
  • SSH access to server01 has been enabled via <dynamic external ip address> port 2222

Work to be Done

  • Configure TFTP on server01
  • Install netboot images on server01
  • Install DBAN image
  • Install alternate *ubuntu images.
  • ???
  • profit