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Hive13 Project
Network Setup
Status: InActive
Start Date: 6/29/2009

Hive Network Infrastructure Installation

We're in the middle of putting in the permanent Hive13 network infrastructure. We will have jacks located in several areas outside the Office/Lab rooms, including along the Internet Bar, the Workbench, the Dirty Room, and eventually along the outside wall of the Office and the general workspace.

Current Status

Network Infrastructure:

  • The rack has been relocated to the area next to the pop machine.
  • The network has been consolidated down to a 24 port patch panel and one 24 port switch.
  • The new network cabinet is on wheels and also contains Hivestor and the Firewall.
  • Hacklab is not operational at this time.

Port Assignments - Patch Panel

  • 1 - Webcam wall jack
  • 2-5 Lounge 4 port wall jack
  • 6-10 currently open, will likely be for FabLab or Workbench expansion
  • 11 - drop to the CnC machine area
  • 12, 13 - Bathroom
  • 14-17 Pole by the workbenches
  • 18-23 The bar - (one port of each jack save the last one is active at this time)
  • 24 Public Wifi, this must remain with the current configuration

Hive Network Configuration

  • We're updating the Hive13 network configuration.

= Current Status

If you make changes to the network, make sure these still function after the changes:

  • DynDNS at -- Currently DOWN
  • Remote access/SSH - Currently DOWN
  • IP Cop Firewall // Router ( -- Currently up
  • Linksys AP (switch only) -- Currently up
  • HP LaserJet 5SI NX ( -- Currently Up
  • 1.8 TB Fileserver setup (Hivestore) -- Currently Up
  • XBMC Hooked up to projector, network, and fileserver -- Currently Up.

Work to be Done

  • Complete the punchdown of the following:
    • Patch panel ports 2-5 (The 4 port jack in the lounge)
    • Patch panel 13 - Run #2 from the bathroom (cable is too short)
  • Restore Hacklab
  • Possibly dedicate a couple of runs in the Fab Lab
  • Network map (when all others completed)
  • Restore SSH access to Hivestor


Hacklab is a dangerous, experimental portion of the Hive13 network. It is separate from the main network.