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Hive13 Project
Network Setup
Status: Active
Start Date: 6/29/2009

Hive13 Network History

If you would like to see the progress of the Hive13 network (and how it has evolved?) take a look at the History. Note: this is where all content previously on this page has been moved.

Current Network Status

As of 12/21/12:

  • Internet is up
  • We have a stable, working Firewall
  • We have a Ethernet Network consisting of a GigE backbone for servers and some GigE jacks for general access along with numerous 10/100 Ethernet drops throughout the space
  • We have a high-power HP WAP providing public and private Wireless Network access inside the space and a PirateBox wifi unit
  • We have a Server Rack with several servers that are available for use
  • We have several Computers scattered though the space that are available for use
  • We have a network Printer available
  • Dynamic DNS currently points to the IP of firewall at the space
  • HiveStor is a 1.8 Tb fileserver available for members to use
  • Hubuntu is available via DDNS/SSH for members to use

Information on Specific Parts of the Network