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Current Network Status

As of 2/21/2021:

  • Internet is up
  • We have a Wired Network consisting of CAT6 carrying GigE PoE+ (802.3at) traffic
  • We have several Computers scattered though the space that are available for use
  • We have a network Printer available
  • We have several Cameras in the space recording to Orwell
  • All of our internal and external services and resources have been moved to Azure

Retired Network Components from Above List

  • "We have a Server Rack with several servers that are available for use" - all servers inside the hive, with the exception of Orwell, are turned off and disconnected. All that stuff runs in Azure now.
  • "We have two high-power Ubiquiti WAPs providing public and private 802.11 Wireless Network access inside the space" - APs are gone and this is managed by the building owner's IT folks at 2701.
  • "We have a stable, working Firewall" - also managed by the building owner's IT folks.
  • "We have Dumpstor, a stable fileserver with redundant storage available" - also migrated to an Azure file share.
  • "We have a Naming Scheme that Greg and Ian stretched to the breaking point ... and then pushed it farther." - between unloading stuff to building management and Azure, this is no longer in use.

Information on Specific Parts of the Network