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A hive is full of bees. The Hive is full of computers named for bee-related things. Yes, we know, we're so clever it hurts.

Things fitting the naming scheme

Name Use Bee Relation
waggledance Core Switch The dance bees use to guide each other to pollen
buzz First WAP The noise bees make
honeycomb Database Server Where bees store honey
buzzkill Ticketing Server Only tangentially bee-related, but it kills problems
sting nagios Go piss off a wasp and you'll learn what this is
beeswax How bees seal off honeycombs
pollen What bees gather to make honey
beekeeper One who guides bees
glucose DNS and DHCP server A building block sugar of honey
fructose DNS and DHCP server A building block sugar of honey
colony Second VM host A group of bees
brood GitLab Server Immature bees not yet emerged from their cells

Things not fitting the naming scheme

Name Use
gw The gateway machine
intweb Web server serving anything publicly-accessible from the space
weefee The computer with the Ubiquiti controller software on it
lightyear The second WAP (the first does fit our naming scheme)
dumpstor File server (and first VM host)