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This is so out of date it's goddamn ridonkulous. I'll work on updating this sometime. -DK, 2021.02.21


The wired network at the hive has evolved in many stages.

Port Map


The MDF is located at the front of the space above the admin desk.

Port map coming soon.

Rack Panel Port Number Location Attached Device
MDF A 47 Cross connect to IDF 1 IDF1A47
MDF A 48 Cross connect to IDF 1 IDF1A48


IDF 1 is located on the rear side of the shaft for Elevator 4. It uplinks to the MDF via multimode fiber at 10Gbps.

Port map to come.

Rack Panel Port Number Location Attached Device
IDF1 A 1
IDF1 A 47 Cross connect to MDF MDFA47
IDF1 A 48 Cross connect to MDF MDFA48

Additional Information


VLAN ID Usage Network Block
1 Default Internal Network
13 IoT Network
84 Camera VLAN

Additional Networks

CIDR Usage Location Azure virtual network Microsoft Azure - EastUS Azure VMs subnet Microsoft Azure - EastUS

Patch Cable Colors

Color Usage
Red WAPs
Blue Cameras
Gray Servers in Rack
Yellow Hive IoT
Black Wall Jacks in Hive

Desired Ethernet runs

  • Lounge - one up top for Pi, one on south wall
  • Original WAP location to have WAP put back

Switch Port Assignment Configuration

New Enterasys C5
  • ge.1.1 - 1U 10T 13T 84T - WAP-Main Room
  • ge.1.2 - 1U 10T 13T 84T - WAP-FabLab
  • ge.1.3-4 - 1U 13T 84T - Dumpstor
  • ge.1.5-6 - 1U 13T 84T - Colony
  • ge.1.7 - 1U 84T - Orwell
  • ge.1.8-36 - 1U - Hive13 Internal Network
  • ge.1.37-46 - 84U - Cameras
  • ge.1.48 1U 10T 13T 84T - Uplink to Network/MikroTik RB493G