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Becoming a member

  1. Review the Membership Details page
  2. Come to a Meeting
  3. Fill out a Liability Waiver.
  4. Fill out a Membership Application on
    • Either have an existing member take your membership identification picture or submit your own.
    • Print out a copy of your application, sign it, and turn it in to the Paperwork box by the door.
    • Keep coming around for a week or two to make sure you enjoy the community and so your application can be reviewed.
  5. Sign up on PayPal once accepted. (See Membership Fees)
  6. Get an RFID card and learn how to access the space.
  7. Meet our community and make something awesome!

Important New Member Info

  • Although we are a 24/7 space, we have a noise curfew from 10:30pm until 7am every day to be kind to our neighbors.
  • List of Officers and their responsibilities.
  • Our Bylaws are located on github. Please read through them!
  • Area Wardens are in charge of maintaining various sections of the Hive. Feel free to ask them any questions related to their area.
  • List of documented equipment. NOTE: Some equipment requires training/certification prior to unsupervised use.
  • Communication

New Member Tour

  • Badge
  • PayPal
  • Front Door Code
  • Orientation E-mail
  • Open/Close Switch
  • Light Switch Locations
  • Soda Machine
  • Certification Tools
  • Lock the Back Door
  • Slack
  • Classes
  • Quiet Hours
  • Member Storage

Daily Operations

Startup procedures - How to open the Hive

  • Turn on the lights! Area light switches are on the black support pillars in the kitchen and meeting area. The main space light switch is by the back door.
  • Turn on the "Hive Open" switch on the kitchen counter. Only do this if you're prepared to let in new people.

Using Hive13

  • Report problems - Report broken or missing tools to the COO, the mailing list, or email the wardens.
  • Respect the tools - If you are unfamiliar with the proper operation of a machine or tool, research it on the wiki. Also contact the area warden or an officer before use.
  • Clean as you go - As with cooking in your own kitchen, cleaning at the hive is more easily managed in small bursts of activity. Put tools away and clean minor messes whenever you have a few moments of downtime.
  • Respect our residential neighbors - Quiet hours are from 10:30pm - 8am. No loud tools/music including: angle grinders, belt and disk sanders, air compressor/air tools, CNCs, etc.

Shutdown Procedures - Closing the hive if you're the last one out

  • Return any tools you've used to their proper locations.
  • Store your project in your storage area if possible. Otherwise label it with your name and contact information, the current date, and the date you intend to return.
  • Shop vac your work surface and sweep the floor if necessary. Brooms are by the back door.
  • Turn off the "Hive Open" switch on the kitchen counter.
  • Take out the trash - Empty small trash cans into the pink trash drum. If the drum or the kitchen trash are full, place the full bag in the dumpster out back and replace the bag. Empty bags are in the credenza by the front door.
  • Ensure the back doors are locked. Ensure the front door lock is in the 'locked' position.
  • Turn out the lights!
  • Tool borrowing: If you are going to be borrowing something for less than a day you may do so without asking (assuming no one is currently using it). If you are borrowing something for more than a day or you couldn't return a tool you were going to borrow for less than a day then you must email the list so others know!
Woodworking Shop
  • Unplug stationary tools if the cord is in the way, otherwise leave them plugged in.
  • Return all tools to original location, and status (put drills back in cases on shelf, lower the blade on the table saw, put original blade/band/sanding pad back on tool if you changed it for your project, etc.)
  • Shop Vac sawdust from work surfaces and stationary tools
  • Sweep floor if debris was left
  • Return unused wood to appropriate storage (personal, scrap bins, shelves, etc.)
Metal Working
  • Leave vent fan running if fumes remain in metal room. Otherwise, turn the vent fan off.
  • Close the welding gas valves and unplug the welders
  • Vacuum or brush chips off machining tools. (use paintbrush located on the vertical mill stand)
  • Turn off air compressor's blue valve, and turn black switch upwards to "OFF".
CNC Area
  • Vacuum any dust or metal shavings from the machines.
  • Clear CNC machine surfaces. These are not work tables.
Electronics Work Area
  • Tidy the workbenches - place tools in their proper locations and brush any wire scraps on work surfaces into the trash.
  • Ensure multimeters and other tools are turned off. Leaving them on can quickly drain their batteries.
  • Turn off the power strips
Fab Lab
  • Turn off the laser cutter and 3d printers if they are not in use.
  • Turn off/unplug the air compressor for the small laser located under the small laser.
  • Make sure projector is off along with any game systems.
  • Turn off the receiver.
  • Clean up the popcorn machine if you used it. Instructions are here.
  • Store food in the cabinet or refrigerator, or throw it away. Don't feed the Hive Mice.
  • Rinse any used dishes and place in dishwasher. Run the dishwasher if it is full.

Take a tour of the space

Hive13 Panorama
Hive13 Virtual Tour

Here are some pages that might help familiarize you with what Hive13 is all about.

To take a tour in person, visit us on a Tuesday night or anytime we have a scheduled event.

The website ( ) has a "Space Status" icon that will show you when the hive is open or closed to visitors. Anyone at the weekly Tuesday night meeting will be happy to show you around.

Important Links