November 16, 2010

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Previous Meeting: November 9, 2010 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: November 23, 2010


Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

New Business

  • Phone number change (513)593-9292
  • Hacklab network segment

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions




  • VOIP phone: acquiring number challenge
  • LED matrix -
    • re-engineering
    • new bill of materials - $$$ needed
  • reversing class
    • needs full PR treatment
    • make screen for projector
    • clear off tables in classroom area
  • board meeting recap
    • membership tiers change is coming
  • clean up day
    • clean up server room
    • make sure class room is ready
    • swap meet?
    • december event?


  • we're trying to get a local phone # for the google

friends of the hvie links

  • this is done now - dave
  • we should set up a full page for group logos, etc

glass block matrix project

  • this project is being started over
  • parts have arrived
  • new design will be way better
  • will also be more expensive

reverse engineering workshop

  • is next wednesday
  • send out some more reminders
  • in search of a screen for the projector - jim has one he can lend

board meeting this past weekend

  • lots of different discussions
  • we reviewed the strategic plan
  • we are looking hard at changing the pricing structure
  • who would do what as far as dropping down or up to adjacent tier
  • what about student memberships
    • maybe they pay the 13.37 price
  • maybe do a membership drive where all new sign-ups are $50

cleanup day this weekend

  • clean up the server rack
  • get rid of junk
  • make sure the clas space is ready
  • swap meet?

lvl1 LAN party is this weekend

  • saturday at like 7
  • playing a lot of TF2

Next Actions