November 3, 2009

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Previous Meeting: October 27, 2009 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: November 10, 2009


Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Halloween Party Report?
  • Phreaknic Report?
  • Officer Updates
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • COO
    • CTO

New Business

  • UC Surplus Sale is upcoming Saturday Nov 7
  • what technically counts as a "properly submitted proxy statement"?

Items to be Voted on



CTO Nominees

  • Chris Anderson
  • Karl Wilbur

COO Nominees

  • vote to replace Kibitz with Paul?

Assigning Next Actions



  • Dave
  • Jim
  • Deckmaster
  • fuzz
  • Paul
  • Chris A
  • cjdavis
  • PlayerTwo
  • foxydot
  • tp



  • CTO
    • Chris wins
  • COO
    • Paul wins

Officer reports

  • Chris is already working on an asertisk box
  • Dave - nothing to report
  • Craig - not here
    • see IRC
  • Jason - I emailed this group (school) we might be able to do some work for them

Halloween - Dave/Justin

  • It was interesting. we should really represent next year
  • Especially how "The King" actually gave me a real Whopper, that was a riot. Mmmm beef. (XiO2)

Phreaknic - Chris A

  • was awesome
  • minas morgul
  • drinking
  • nuclear fusion
  • next good con to go to would be shmoocon in Feb in DC

UC Surplus Sale

proxy voting

  • there is no system
  • is not a huge problem
  • we should let people know that if they aren't going to be here or need to proxy then get ahold of president
  • maybe a lockbox based system (craig has keys to it)

Virtuality as an official project - Kris

  • I'm ramping up efforts on this
  • people are invited to get working on this with me
  • Cincinnati commodore and amiga club is interested in helping too

Holiday Party - foxydot

  • how about satruday december 12th?
  • festivus party?
  • white elephant gift exchange?

Homebrew project - fuzz

  • like get this started
  • will look for a stove so we can do it

cinci 2600 - chris A

  • maybe meet here this friday
  • maybe do an IT crowd marathon

motorcycle - fuzz

  • take it apart
  • make it electric
  • this is a big project, not totally ready to start right this minute

Next Actions

  • Dave - email about uc surplus sale
  • Dave - email about proxy voting system