November 5, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Update
    • Electrician Status
      • The electrician has encountered some legal trouble which is preventing him from moving freely about the city. Ian is contacting another electrician.
    • Camera Project
      • The cameras have been purchased. Ian is waiting on cable delivery.
    • Has Grant inspected the roof?
      • unknown
  • T-shirts Update
    • Jon contacted Craig, who can provide the tshirt art.
  • Game day
    • Games happened last Saturday with relatively good turnout.
  • Cinci 2600
    • Barry gave a presentation on windows shadow hive keys
    • Chris andersen gave a talk on privacy and mental illness
  • Microcontroller Monday
    • MCM runs from 6-10P Monday evenings.
    • Shadoxx further complicated his blinkenlights. Two new attendees.
  • Saturday Cleanup.
    • There is a bunch of messy stuff on central table--take a look to see if its yours or put it away if you know where it goes!
  • Belt Sander Update
    • Putting the purchase to a vote - 16 voting members present.
    • A vote to spend up to $200 on a hybrid belt/spindle sander passed by 18 votes out of 16. (last minute remote votes from Ian and DaveB via Google Hangout)

New Business

  • Ryan, Jon, and Coy will place a group order for steel this week. If anyone is interested, talk to one of them.


  • Bill - Increasing resolution of his 3d printers. 75 microns.
  • Judas - Dropping by with some equipment donations
  • Shadoxx - Working on Audectra audio visualizer.
  • Jon Neal - Did fewer bad things, and more good things. (I admit, I was not paying attention to Jon)
  • John - New Member - Getting started with Arduino.
  • Franklin - playing with his new fitbit
  • Jason - Repairing his crappy Accord, building a hardened Linux kernel
  • Nancy - working on a rag rug. got a new snake
  • Ian Matthews - Working on the kegerator
  • Brent - Coincidentally also working on a crappy accord
  • Emily - Knitting furiously.
  • Tiffany - Working on some laser cutter projects.
  • John - Working on woodshop layout and safety
  • Dave R - Got his (CNC?) code working.
  • Marcus - Helping marvin with laser cutting
  • Jim - Researching a project for next year's maker faire
  • Jen - friend of tiffany's visiting the space.
  • Austin - New Visitor.

Remote Attendees

  • Ian - Provided update on electrician, cameras, and roof repairs.
  • DaveB - snuck in for a last minute sander vote.


  • Bill came in last week and found the thermostat set to 88 degrees. This overheats all the things. Please leave the heater set to reasonable values.
  • See above updates to old and new business.