October 2, 2018

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Meeting Agenda


  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am.
  • Shelf B is up for grabs. New stuff goes on Shelf C.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.
  • Broken things at the Hive? E-mail broken@hive13.org to report them.

Old Business

  • Annex
    • Laser Cutter Status
      • Big Laser
        • Operational
        • You must re-certify - see Greg, Dave V., Ryan, or Lorin to do so.
        • Auto-Z doesn't work.
      • Small Laser
  • 2X4 Challenge Competition
  • Internet Upgrade - Is there a time or additional information yet?
  • The nail guns have arrived.
  • Mask class

New Business

  • Social Media
    • Join the group on Meetup. That is where we will post classes and events.
    • If you see a Facebook post from or related to the Hive, like it or post it to the page.
    • We want to work on growing the community and focus on the community itself.
    • If you know a place that could use a sign for the open house, let us know or grab it from the Wiki and print it out and take it there.
    • Will is giving an overview of Slack next week.

Upcoming events

  • Hive Cleanup October 6th
  • Board Meeting Oct. 8th
  • Open House
    • October 13th during Made in Camp - great time to come in and work on projects, play host, and check out other organizations in the area.
    • October 20th - 2pm till 9pm - Public Party with demos for the public. This is more about hanging out, playing with toys, eating, drinking, and showing off why we are The Hive and not the Manufactory.
  • Books by the Banks (Learn to Solder table)


  • Nails for Nail Gun
    • Proposed by Brad
    • $350


        • Housekeeping
          • As per usual. See agenda.
          • If you "discover" broken tools, email broken@hive13.org.
        • Old Business
          • Laser poopdates
            • Auto-Z is still out.
            • Dave will provide a quick demo after the meeting.
          • 2x4 Challenge
            • The deadline remains October 12.
            • TODO - Ian B - Can we set up a poll for the 2x4 contest voting?
          • Greg attempted to call Spectrum about the impending internet upgrade, but was directed to voicemail.
          • Mask class happened this weekend
            • 5 people attended. Some new faces were observed.
            • Pictures are on the wiki.
        • Social Media
            • Continues to be social.
              • We have a deceptively empty Meetup Group. Please join.
              • The Hive13 Slack channel is up and running.
                • Will to give a demonstration next week.
            • Greg will be offering an informal welding introduction sometime before Christmas.
        • Upcoming Events
          • Warden meeting tomorrow
          • Saturday mini clean-up October 6
          • Board meeting next Monday
          • Made in camp - October 13
          • Hive13 Open House - October 20th
          • Books by the Banks - Also October 20th.
        • Votes
          • Nail gun Ammo
            • Up to $350 for nails.
            • 13 present
              • Abstain - 3
              • No - 1
              • Yes - 9
              • Online Yes - 1
              • Vote passes
        • New Bidness
          • Kevin's looking for people who are interested in silk screening.
        • Round of tuit.
          • Greg - Did things. Provided no further info on said things. Use your imagination.
          • Ryan - Has no memory of the weekend.
          • Vincinte - Second visit. Planning to apply.
          • Will - Has reduced his live rabbit count to two.
          • Dave - Has been on vacation visiting grand kids. Visited Artisan's Asylum.
          • Kerensa - Preparing for a camping trip.
          • Doug - New member. Completed his 2x4 challenge project.
          • Kevin - Working on his spice jar rack, and the Hive13 area signs. Looking for assitance finishing the signs.
          • Nancy - Spent the weekend out of town.
          • Chris - Visited Microcenter and only bought one thing. Helped his parents shove cats into their NAS.
          • Mason - New applicant. Visiting.
          • Kevin - rererecovering from surgery. Intends to teach a welding class in november.
          • Ben - Somehow related to Kevin. Visiting. Working on robotics at school.
          • Tim - Starting a new job. Visiting the Hive.
          • Tim - Seasoned a cast iron skillet. Right before the meeting. Because he's a nice guy like that.
          • Brad - Working on a birthday puzzle. Bought some more things from the auction site that shall not be named.
          • Dave - Been out of town. Working on his car. Wants Nancy to bring in his glass