October 22, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Maker Faire happened Saturday!
  • Cameras for Anchor building
  • Electrician has been by
  • Hive13 welcome packet

New Business


  • Ian (President)--making our RFID system more awesome
  • Jason (m)--went to Maker Faire, worked on cars
  • Ryan(m)--microcontroller mondays are starting! 6:00 PM
  • Tyler(m)--volunteered at maker faire
  • Dave (m)--was down at Maker faire, bringing wiki back up to full power
  • Laura (m)--been learning Illustrator for laser cutter
  • Jeff (new)--found out about Hive at maker faire
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx--Makerfaire and microcontroller monday!
  • Ruth--married to member
  • John--working on layout and safety for our woodshop (m)
  • Franklin (m)--put together a pwoer tool dragracer. 3HP was too much. Spectacutlar crashes.
  • Dave--met Dave at Maker Faire, makes handicapp accessible controllers and more
  • Starbuck--had a great time with propane cannons at maker faire. Awesome spin stick.
  • James--new--leaned about us at Maker Faire! son loved it.
  • Mike (m)--busy life recently
  • Chris--put a radio on a bike and tricking it out further
  • Dave--been on vacation
  • Emily--knitting socks and made lots of tomato sauce and some tomato wine. Ham licencse
  • Bill--maker faire
  • Tiffany--Maker faire and cleaned house
  • Brian--lost power tool drag race to his full-year-old son at maker faire
  • Nancy--went to bachelor party at bookstore
  • Jason--brought playsurface to makerfaire. kids loved it.
  • Jon--brought pizza (thanks)
  • Mike H (secretary)

Remote Attendees



  • Mike--Maker faire happened! Can someone give a recap?...
    • Shadoxx gave a recap
    • Maker Faire was a lot of fun,
    • we should make our presence more known at the faire, advertise more.
      • marcus's learn to solder was great, went through ~125 badges.


  • Cameras--
    • Ian posted about cameras and RFIDs on mailing list--but there has not been much feedback
    • Garden Street will pay us to extend RFID over building
    • Nancy has a hammer drill if we need to go thru brick
    • Garden street is open to us running cameras,though will not be paying us
    • Camera system access will be open to members of the hive, members of the building, and garden street.
    • About $500 of materials for the cameras. Plus some minions to help install it.
    • Jon--IP webcams may be a cheaper option. Ian--concerned about weather durability etc.
    • Ian--cameras also have infrared.
    • this will be up for vote via email this week, and at the meeting next week.


  • Jason--did we get gas for the welder?
    • Scott gross was supposed to deliver it. Ian is looking into it.


  • Tyler--could we do a T-shirt order soon? Bill--2nds that motion.
    • Dave--Craig has published the previous shirt design, and may have some extras
    • Ian will contact Craig and put up a an order form.


  • Jon--we need a belt and oscillating spindle sander combo
    • Rigid brand sander for $200, would also get some accessories.


  • Ryan--Monthly cleanup has been moved to 4th saturday this month. Starting at 1:00PM!
  • Ryan--if you took pics at maker faire, get them up on Hodapp's flickr page
  • Nancy--Next week (26th)--Gears n beers, bavarian steampucnk microbrew event.
  • $30 for members, $40 for nonmembers.
  • Ian--WCPO is coming out in a couple weeks to do a story on us. There may also be an indie journalist coming by. Will let us know when!
  • Emily--should our next meeting be in costume? Ian will not stop you.
  • Jason--may have game day 1st wkend of november (2nd!)