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Hive13 Manual
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The Bylaws also provide for five Officers who are responsible for various aspects of running Hive13. The Officers are also elected on a yearly basis at the Annual Meeting.


The President is responsible for representing the organization to the outside world. This entails both being our representative in public and in the press as well as ensuring that we are properly maintaining our legal relationship with the government by making sure the appropriate paperwork is being filed.


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that proper records are being kept of the organization's meeting and that proper notice is being given of the meetings. The Secretary is also the keeper of the Record Book.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial aspects of the organization. They write the checks, keep financial records, file taxes, etc.

Chief Technical Officer

The CTO is responsible for keeping the technical and communications infrastructure running and up to date. This includes things like our website, our presence on other websites like flickr and Twitter, and the internal network and servers at the space.

Chief Operations Officer

The COO is responsible for running the space itself, keeping it safe, clean, organized, etc. The COO is also in charge of logistics for events in the space like classes and parties.


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