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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV----
Make/Model: Olympic DM MAS1823HE (google)
Arrival Date: April 2023
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: yes
Contact: Kevin M
Floorplan: Hot Crafts Area
Manual: Manual

About this Item

This kiln was purchased by member vote. It was delivered and set up in April of 2023.

it is a multi-use kiln that can fire ceramic greenware and glazes up to Cone 10, can be used for glass fusing or slumping projects (with lid element for even heating of large projects), metal heat treating, investment casting wax burnout, or for any other high temperature project requiring programable thermal cycles with controlled ramp rates, temperatures, and hold times.

The kiln has an octagonal chamber 17.5" across and 22.5" deep. It can fire to Cone 10, or about 2350°F (However, please only fire to the maximum temperature if your project absolutly requires it, as the element life is greatly shortened by exceeding Cone 6 or 2250°F).

Starting A Program

These instructions need to be written still.

Starting Annealing For Glass Programs

When you are done making and loading glass pieces, and ready for the annealing to begin, you must skip the infinite hold that is programmed in for garaging/loading. These instructions need to be written still.


These need to be populated still. info below was copied from the Heatmaster kiln page, needs update for this controller.

CONE program set

These programs are used for firing Ceramics to a specified cone number. With the insulation and heating elements currently in this kiln, we can fire to Cone 10. The program for each cone number offers adjustable firing speeds (Fast, Standard, Slow) for thin or thick pieces or light/heavy kiln loads, as well as offering an optional hold time at the final cone temperature, and the option to set a controlled cooling rate (set to zero for cooling as fast as the kiln will cool).

USER program set

These are user-input programs that can be modified to suit your needs. Please do not modify the programs listed here without consulting the warden and other users of the space first. These need to be populated still.

Maximum Heat & Cool Rates

The charts below show the maximum heating and cooling rates for different temperature ranges based on preliminary testing. Programed rates must fall within these limits or the controller will enter an alarm state for "Failure to Heat" or "Failure to Cool". This testing still needs to be done.