Open House 2018

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  • October 13th2 2018 during Made in Camp Week.
  • October 20th, 2018 from 2 P.M. to 9 P.M.



Must Do

  • Clean up PTDR
  • Check our stock of Learn to Solder supplies

Nice to Have

  • Finish wiring projector in lounge
  • Make signs for the areas
  • Route the can crusher air line better


  • Create verbiage about the event
    • Hive13 will be hosting an open house on October 20th to celebrate our maker community and let the rest of Cincinnati join in the party.
    • Join us from 2pm until 9pm for Food, Drinks, Socializing, & Celebration.
    • If you have never been to Hive13, this is a great time to come down and see some of the great projects that members have created. Meet the people that make the community great.
  • Flyer to pass out
  • Post notifications
    • reddit
    • Cinci Discord
    • Facebook
    • Meetup


  • Schedule
    • Woodturning demo
    • Food (manning the grill?)
    • Learn to Solder
  • 2×4 Challenge