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Create a short, 1-2 page sheet New Member Orientation Handout with information new members need to be productive.

Previous Material

  • New Member Orientation
    • This is the current orientation page
  • New Member Preview
    • Created by Dave S.
    • 00:00 - Introduction
    • 00:48 - Topics
    • 01:23 - Access
    • 08:11 - Safety
    • 11:15 - Community
    • 19:08 - Rules 2
    • 1:54 - Public Meetings
    • 22:46 - Digital Resources
    • 24:23 - Certification Tools
    • 25:28 - Member Storage Space, Parking Passes & Violations, Purgatory
    • 28:00 - Leadership, bylaws, finances, voting, etc.
    • 30:00 - Payments
    • 30:52 - Wardens
    • 31:24 - Reporting Broken Items
    • 32:06 - Shutting down HIVE13
    • 32:22 - Running a business at HIVE13
    • 33:49 - Misc
    • 35:00 - Closure
    • 35:35 - end

Topics for handout

We should probably add a sub-heading for each of the following topics

Your First Day

  • How to access the space
  • Safety
  • Public Meetings
  • Digital Resources - SLACK, wiki, G-suite (get a hive13 email.
  • Tools that require certification
  • Member storage space, parking passes & violations, purgatory

Your First Month

  • Community - Get to know other Hive13 members
  • Get certified on some tools
  • Explore the Hive13 SLACK channels- Get involved with things that interest you
  • Volunteer to help maintain Hive13 - Nothing gets done without our members volunteer help.
    • Take out the trash. Clean something. Fix something.

Your First Six Months

  • Teach a Class - Share your skills
  • Volunteer to lead a Project


  • Rules
  • Leadership, bylaws, finances, voting, committees
  • Payments
  • Wardens
  • Reporting broken items
  • Shutting down the Hive when you are the last one out
  • Running a business at Hive13

Running your business at Hive13

  • In general, Hive13 has no objection to you running a business that leverages Hive13 resources.
  • However, there are few recommendations for those Hive13 members who choose to do so.
    • Be an Excellent Member of the Community – Be a Maker, Not a Taker.
    • Clean up after yourself. Leave the workspace in better condition than you found it.
    • Avoid hogging equipment. Let other members playthrough if possible or give a realistic estimation of when you'll be done and try to honor that time.
    • Choose inactive times a day to do your work.
    • Don't use up Hive13 consumables. Please consider replenishing anything that you use. If you use it a lot, please provide it for yourself.
    • Offer Hive13, members the ability to get in on large material orders and to get good prices and share shipping costs.
    • Equipment breaks. As a person who uses Hive13 as a business, please be the first to raise your hand to help Fix the equipment. Equipment remains broken for a while. Be careful making a business plan based on volunteer-maintained equipment.
    • Your looming deadline does not constitute an emergency for Hive13 members, so please plan your time accordingly.
    • Do not abuse open work areas or the member storage and parking pass system. Consider renting your own studio space from 2701 SG and just using Hive13 equipment.
    • Don't compromise Hive13’s outstanding relationship with our landlord.
  • In summary, be extra excellent and everything will go smoothly.