Outreach Committee Meeting - April 20th, 2022

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Outreach Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Wednesday, April 20th · 7:30 – 8:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/tkp-kgvm-tnw

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 631-709-2179‬ PIN: ‪684 168 825‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/tkp-kgvm-tnw?pin=[[1]]


Agenda - Old Business

  • Tuesday Talks Checkin
    • Smooth sailing!! HUZZAH!!
      • NBD, we will find someone to talk.
  • Parades!!
    • Pride coming up fast!!
      • Pride13 stickers from Kayla L. (thank you!!)(you're welcome!)
      • Kayla hoping to get a sheet printed to see what they actually look like first week of May
        • This just consists of printing it and silhouette cutting it. Can do at home. Just need to do it
      • pride13.org redirects to ✨us✨ (thank you Chris D.!!)
      • What do we want to look like as we walk??
          • This is a DAYTIME parade with possible weather for June
          • Carrying it for a WHILE plus getting from staging -> Sawyer's Point -> back is a pain
          • Something cohesive so we don't look like a "they gave us shirts and we walk" entry but not the full look
          • HANDING OUT CARDS biiiiig key here
      • In my dream world, we get with the museum and see if they want us to have a Learn To Solder class there for kids shortly after (like within 2 weeks)
        • Maybe collab with Wave Pool??
    • BLINK
      • Will B., Ryan A., and Kostas P. have been working hard on this!!
        • LED cube pitch is being written and drafted up.
        • Ryan A.:
          • - Ordered 12V & 24V LED ropes with 40 round bulbs each from AliExpress. The expectation is to use these for prototype LED columns in the cube. - [TODO]: I'll be adding some more details to project wiki page
      • Please contact them in #blink-2022 (not #blink-182) if you want to help
    • Kayla L. is taking the reins!!
      • Hoping to get some filming going in may
      • Have talked with a lot of people and have their availability noted, will make a little schedule shortly (ish)(before May fosho)
      • Kayla needs to learn the streaming cart / will prob need video assistance?
        • Will do test run with Kate or Lisa for the topics they wanted to talk about since I'm cool with fucking up around them hahahah
      • Action: figure out a boilerplate for what honeycombs is as people seem to still be a little confused. Add call out to tv slideshow
    • What do I need?
      • Streaming cart knowledge. Streaming cart volunteers
      • Other interviewers? I'm totally cool doing as many as possible but imagine people will get sick of me haha
      • How to incorporate these into social media. Kinda wanna just hand this off to someone else to make it happen

  • New Member Onboarding
    • Jackson is the mentor monarch for our new mentoring program!!
      • Pls fill this out so we can help and be supportive and yeah!! - Kostas P.
    • Kits
      • Bare minimum safety glasses, beginner guide to "what to do", and some Hive13 merch.

Agenda - New business

  • More media engagement!!
    • Jack M. will help us become better memelords
  • Getting out there!!
    • Learn to solder at Union Terminal
    • Supporting Hive13 artists getting into galleries etc.
    • Halloween costume repair class??
    • Lots of ✨potential✨
  • Reviving an old business thing: MAKING THE WEBSITE LESS... CONFUSING
    • More access to our socials instead of scrolling for them or just not having them listed
    • Updating photos
    • What else do you wanna see?
    • Kostas will be joining (read: terrorizing) the tech committee on the 30th and hopes you will join them.
    • Thanks so much to Aaron, Colin, and the whole DIY Printing team!!


  • Updating spreadsheet for Tuesday Talks
    • Contact Kostas if talk falls through
  • Parade notes #1
    • Pride
      • Pride craft night
        • Rhinestone and other crafts
        • Jellyfish umbrellas (streamers along the side)
      • Walk theme: "everyone is a maker"
      • Social media to reflect theme, highlight makers
      • Coordinating shuttling and carpooling at Sawyer Point
      • Coordinate clothing, daytime parade
  • Honeycombs
    • Many people are interested
    • This weekend(?) Kayla is organizing avail.
    • Need to make sure that the streaming cart is ready
      • Will probably need assistance with getting set up
    • First test rounds with Kate or Lisa or Kostas
    • Write-ups on what Honeycombs are coming soon
  • Parade notes #2
    • Blink
      • LED cube prototype has been completed
        • Cube is very bright
        • Shown on the meeting camera
      • We're looking to end up with a 6-8ft cube
      • Looking for programmers:
        • Someone who can write low level Arduino code
        • Someone (or a group of people) who can write "patterns" to make the show
      • Ideally want strips of LEDs to be hot swappable and modular
      • In the gantry, a small speaker system will be placed
      • DMX protocol will be able to sync lights and noise
      • 2 strands coming in, one 12V and one 24V. Ordering the rest of them after decision
      • Will going to the meeting tomorrow for pitching the idea
      • Additional animations for the prototype cube would be good
  • Mentorship program
    • Wiki page for mentorship program Q&A
    • Two google forms exist, one for the mentor and one for the mentee
      • Slack and mailing list posts coming soon
    • Methods of communication/availability factored into matchmaking
    • Members that have joined within the past 3 months will have opportunity to join mentee pool
    • Brand new members will be matched with mentors hopefully within 2 days
    • Nothing strict, but a contact for new members to find their way around
    • Mentors will be able to mark what they know on the form and be matched with the new members with similar interests
    • New member kits:
      • Safety glasses and hearing protection
      • Beginner "what to do" guide
      • Hive13 merch, stickers
      • Lisa's cool cross stitch kit project
      • Funding comes from Outreach, Kostas talking to Jim about funding that
  • New business
    • Jack working on social media engagement and making posts/templates
      • Researching call of actions and also meme formats
    • Getting out there:
      • Learn to solder at Union Terminal
      • Supporting artist stuff with getting members into galleries
      • Halloween costume repair/sustainable fashion
        • Wanting to do more classes and training that are open to the public
        • Facebook, meetup, getting outside people in who aren't makers already
        • We need to figure out if the Hive administration is open to these ideas
      • Philadelphia Maker Faire
        • Would love to attend more maker fairs
    • The website is confusing
      • More access to socials that scroll along with the screen
      • Updated photos and links
      • Kostas will be at the tech committee meeting to ask about changes
    • T-shirts coming tomorrow
      • DIY Printing team shoutout
      • Chris, Jim, and Kostas getting/handling payment for shirts
  • Other notes
    • Making sure that guest speakers have time to set up their presentations beforehand
    • "Why do cows have cowbells? Because their horns don't work."

New To-Do List

hehe blaze it