PCB Etcher

Hive13 Project
PCB Etcher
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 2/8/2013
End Date: 2/21/2013


DaveB wants to build a PCB Etcher for making circuit boards based on the design posted here.

Uses dry film photolithography. See here for more info.

Current Status

Gathering parts.

Bill was kind enough to print all the 3D printable parts on the Gigabot on 2/8/14.


Roll of photopolymer film recommended for this method ordered 2/9/14 by Dave.

29cm x 21cm solar film sheet ordered 2/9/14 by Dave

PCBs for electronics ordered from Osh Park 2/9/14 by Dave

4 pack of Laser Diodes ordered 2/9/14 by Dave

TO DO List

Almost everything.

Materials required

Printer Base 384mm x 351mm 8mm plywood (have it @hive / buy it @ homedepot)

Top Plate 327mm x 269mm 8mm plywood (have it @hive / buy it @homedepot) with laser cutting required

Matte black spraypaint (have it @hive / homedepot)

Piece of glass, 232mm x 191mm x 1.6mm (home depot)

Cardboard sheet 210mm x 170mm x 5mm (@hive13 / around)

Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Hydroxide required. I think I have some of both. I will check. If not, easy enough to order.

PCB Etchant required.

Mechanical parts - HELP!