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Task List

Task Status Assigned To Due Date Description
Get a lawyer ErikC 2009-07-31 It would be good to get someone who can look over our legal documents and inform us about our responsibilities, liabilites, etc.
Fill out DBA form unassigned 2009-07-31 We need to fill out a "doing business as" form so that we can legally use the name "Hive13" on our paperwork, bank account, etc.
File for tax exempt status unassigned 2009-08-31 We have to fill out federal form 1023 (see below) and send it to the IRS to become a 501(c)3.
Draft Bylaws in progress Dave 2009-07-07 We need to finish the Bylaws before the Organizational Meeting so that we can officially adopt them.
Get an insurance agent in progress Dave 2009-07-01 Dave is in contact with an insurance person, but this person is slow to respond. Pursuing other courses of action is welcome. We need to have renter's and/or liability coverage since it's required by our lease (and since it's a good idea).
Hold Organizational Meeting unscheduled 2009-07-07 We need to hold this meeting in order to initiate a bunch of corporate things. Waiting on: Bylaws, Record Book, Budget
Records Book in progress Dave 2009-07-01 We need an official repository for our legal documents as required by law. I have a binder that is serving this purpose currently. I do not have copies of all the documents. I would like to get a better case to hold the docs and also make copies of many of them.

To Do:

  • register with ohio attorney general form CRF-1
  • get state tax exemption from state
  • get property tax exemption from city
  • get solicitation license
  • get mail permit
  • get unemployment insurance req's


This has become its own page: Governance

Fund Raising Ideas

This has become its own page: Fundraisers


Ohio Form 532 - Articles of Incorporation

Federal Form 1023 - Tax Exempt Status

Ohio form CFR-1


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