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Task List

Task Status Assigned To Due Date Description Next Step
Get a lawyer In Progress ErikC 2009-07-31 It would be good to get someone who can look over our legal documents and inform us about our responsibilities, liabilites, etc.
Fill out DBA form unassigned 2009-07-31 We need to fill out a "doing business as" form so that we can legally use the name "Hive13" on our paperwork, bank account, etc.
File for tax exempt status unassigned 2009-08-31 We have to fill out federal form 1023 (see below) and send it to the IRS to become a 501(c)3.
Draft Bylaws in progress Dave 2009-07-07 We need to finish the Bylaws before the Organizational Meeting so that we can officially adopt them. Vet the sections by posting them to the mailing list. Start with the section on Officers.
Get an insurance agent in progress Dave 2009-07-01 Dave is in contact with an insurance person, but this person is slow to respond. Pursuing other courses of action is welcome. We need to have renter's and/or liability coverage since it's required by our lease (and since it's a good idea).
Hold Organizational Meeting unscheduled 2009-07-07 We need to hold this meeting in order to initiate a bunch of corporate things. Waiting on: Bylaws, Record Book, Budget. Also, find mutually convenient date for all Board members.
Records Book DONE Dave 2009-07-01 We need an official repository for our legal documents as required by law. I have a binder that is serving this purpose currently. I do not have copies of all the documents. I would like to get a better case to hold the docs and also make copies of many of them. Bought a nicer storage box for files from Staples.
Register with Ohio AG unassigned 2009-08-31 All non-profits are required to register with the Ohio AG to insure that we are complying with the rules that govern non-profits. Waiting on: File tax exempt status, Hold Organizational Meeting

To Do:

  • get state tax exemption from state
  • get property tax exemption from city
  • get solicitation license
  • get mail permit
  • get unemployment insurance req's


This has become its own page: Governance

Fund Raising Ideas

This has become its own page: Fundraisers


Ohio Form 532 - Articles of Incorporation

Federal Form 1023 - Tax Exempt Status

Ohio form CFR-1


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