Phone system

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Hive13 Project
Phone System
Status: Active
Start Date: 09/09/2009

Cool stuff to do with phones and VOIP at the hackerspace.



We are using Google Voice as our telephony provider.

The Hive phone number is currently (513)593-9292

You can send SMS messages to us as well, Chris will get them in his email.

Project Manager

Chris Anderson


  • Chris Anderson - organizer

Project Status

We are using Google Voice as our telephone service provider. We are using an Obihai Obi110 analog telephone adapter to do the heavy lifting for the Google Voice stuff.

Project History

Originally, Hive13 had a Cincinnati Bell landline, and the idea was to use an FXO card and asterisk for it. We have since moved to Time Warner Business for our internet access, thus relegating our PSTN line inactive.

Also, the original Asterisk server hardware died, and as a stopgap, we were using Gizmo5 and Google Voice.

Google has since acquired Gizmo and shut it down for good as of March 2011.

Project Needs

  • Aserisk box - a working box, preferrably harvested from the pile of PCs at the space
  • PCI modem with X100P chipset - was acquired and is probably somewhere in the space :-)
    • if I can locate it, it might work with the obihai 110 via the FXO port
  • Phreaks - one or more people interested in installing linux, programing ip phones, and conducting test calls.

Project Updates

  • Several different pieces of VOIP hardware have been collected - phones, FXO interfaces, etc. Located in the box marked VOIP. 10/2011
  • Cordless phone with answering machine added to system to receive calls. 10/2011
  • server appropriated 10/28/09
  • PCI card ordered 11/6/09
  • phone/internet provider changed 9/10
  • Google voice number deleted due to no land line 10/10
  • new Google Voice number 10/10
  • Gizmo5 + Linksys ATA + GV added 10/10
  • Google shuts down Gizmo5 03/11
  • OBI110 ATA + GV working 05/11