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This page might contain Outdated Information. It needs to be fixed.
What's Outdated: We only have one printer, no more print server, hive13int is dead long live Tenants, etc

Hive13 currently has two printers available for member use. They are both configured through our print server located at This has the advantage of centralizing configuration of the printers so that settings need only be changed in one place and also allows both printers to use the generic postscript printer drivers available in Linux, Mac and Windows (XP and up) rather than hunting down the manufacturer drivers. The printers should be configured on all of the spaces PCs. Below are instructions for setting them up on your own computer.

HP Laserjet 4200 (Black and White Laser Printer)

Black and white laser printer, full duplexer (two sided printing).

IPP Url:

Xante ColourLaser v9 (Color Laser Printer)

Full color laser printer, no duplexer.

IPP Url:

Setup Instructions

Note: For these methods to work, you must be on the hive13int wireless network (or plugged in via ethernet).


The printers should show up automatically on most, if not all, linux distributions. If they are not showing up for you make sure cups and avahi are installed and running.


The printers should show up automatically. If they are not showing up, try weeping in the corner until someone takes pity on you and gives you a real computer.


  1. Go to Control Panel
    • On Win 8/10: Go to Devices and Printers
    • On Win XP: Go to Printers and Faxes
  2. Click Add a Printer
    • On Win 8/10:
      • Click The printer that I want isn't listed
      • Click Select a shared printer by name
    • In Win XP:
      • Add A Printer
      • Click A Network Printer, or a printer attached to another computer
      • Click Connect to this printer (...
  3. Enter the following:
    • For Black and White Laser Printer:
    • For Color Laser Printer:
  4. Under Manufacturer select Generic
  5. Under Printers select select MS Publisher Imagesetter
  6. Follow any further prompts until finished.
  7. Look at the word "Automatically" all over the rest of this wiki page and cry bitter tears of regret.


Coming soon via Google Cloud Print. Working out a few kinks. Stay tuned.

Apple iOS

  1. Find a pen and paper.
  2. Write "I Make Bad Decisions".
  3. Repeat until the message sinks in.