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=== Whiteboard ===
=== Whiteboard ===
* [[Hackerspace Whiteboard]]
* [[Hackerspace Whiteboard]]
=== DIY CNC Router ===

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Planned Projects - Simple page dedicated to project ideas

Just post whatever ideas you have for projects here. Preferably with a link to a page with additional detail/resources.

Project ideas for the space itself

electronic entry: keycard, rfid, etc

  • Space Lock
  • remote monitoring: webcam, motion detectors

Model Railroading


Cars and Track

Control Systems


Construction & Carpentry


Reactor Design (We should definitely go with a modular design)

CO2 Production

Algae Strains and Cultivation Info

Algae Drying and Extraction of Biofuels

General Biofuel

VoIP Phones

tool lending library


laser cutter


DIY CNC Router