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Planned Projects - Simple page dedicated to project ideas

Just post whatever ideas you have for projects here. Preferably with a link to a page with additional detail/resources.

Hive13 Infrastructure Project Ideas

Project Ideas List

Train Music (Vendy)

  • Place a high quality omnidirectional microphone outside the space.
  • Record the ambient noises from the train yard for a period of time.
  • Comb through the recording and pull out interesting segments as their own tracks.
  • Postprocess the entire recording to pull out specific notes/tones.
  • Make something cool with the recorded ambient sounds and specific train notes.

Model Railroading


Cars and Track

Control Systems


Construction & Carpentry

VoIP Phones

tool lending library


laser cutter


DIY CNC Router

Basic idea: make something similar to MakerBot but leaning more toward the 2D / routing / cutting aspect.

Starting a collection of links to get brainstorming: