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Just post whatever ideas you have for projects here. Preferably with a link to a page with additional detail/resources.

General Project Ideas

Simple Ideas

  • Digital Picture Frame
  • Virus Aquarium
  • Knitting
  • Blimp
  • Public Access Voicemail and Conference system
  • Cupcake Projects (Artillery)
  • Collect surplus TVs and make something cool with them.
  • Thermal Receipt Printer hooked up to Ethernet Shield/Arduino - Hooked up to RSS Feed (or other Internet-enabled notifiers)
  • 8x8 RGB LED Matrix project (with rainbowduino?)
  • Rolling Ball Sculpture
  • Hive13 Podcast
  • Solder smoke air filter fan
    • They make commercial versions of this, but it just seems like something that should be really easy to make ourselves. You just need several components:
      • A 120mm computer case fan with a high CFM
      • Some sort of a filter, maybe cut up a central AC filter
      • A housing, I am pretty good at re-purposing housings, or we have a couple metal bending tools at the space. Maybe even make it out of acrylic (Plexiglass)
      • A power supply, just need a 12v wall wart, I might even have one in my stash of old AC->DC power converters, I know I have a 19v one.

Laser Cutter

DIY CNC Router

Moved to DIY CNC Router

Hive13 Infrastructure Project Ideas

Remote Monitoring

  • More Webcam(s)
  • Motion Detectors

VoIP Phones

Tool Lending Library