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What is Purgatory?

Purgatory is where items left in Hive13 without Valid Parking Permits get moved/stored. The top two shelves are for items with Parking Ticket tags that require the owner's attention. The remaining shelves are for items that have been tagged with Up for Grabs tags.


  • Follow the rules for the Parking Tag System, Parking Ticketed and Up for Grabs items go on purgatory.
  • At any time, you may claim any item that belonging to you on Purgatory. No notice needed; it's yours. If it's going to stay at Hive13, tag it properly.
  • At any time, a warden or the COO may claim any Hive item that has erroneously ended up in Purgatory and place it back into its rightful place.
  • Any Up for Grabs tags item claimed by a member must be either removed from the Hive, placed in that member's personal storage area, or properly tagged and stored.