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Purgatory is a place things go before they leave the space permanently.

What is Purgatory?

Purgatory is as much of an idea as a place.

Not everything that comes in the door of the Hive needs to stay at the Hive forever. Things get abandoned. Things get brought in and left that really just aren't needed. People also sometimes leave things they really care about and need but get distracted by life and forget to deal with them. Purgatory exists as a place and time for things to gracefully exit the Hive. The goal of purgatory is to give people who leave things at the Hive a chance to pick them up, move them to personal storage or otherwise deal with them before they are thrown out while giving the COO, Wardens, and Members a way of systematically removing clutter from the space.

Bottom line: The idea behind Purgatory is have a system that tries to balance the need to keep the space clean and free of clutter with the need to respect people's property.

Where are things stored?

Currently (February 2018) purgatory items are stored on a five-tier rack in Area 3B, against the east wall next to the kitchen.

How long are things stored?

Officially, things have a minimum of four weeks that they must remain in purgatory before disappearing. See below for full procedure.

What can be done with things in Purgatory?

After meeting the necessary waiting period, items in purgatory may be:

  • Thrown out
  • Recycled
  • Sold
  • Taken away from the space by any Member
  • Relocated to a Member's personal storage area
  • Given to any non-member
  • Removed from the space in any manner

Full Procedure: Purgatory

Each item goes onto the current week's shelf. Please do not add items to any other shelf. Each Tuesday the shelves will be cycled. There will be a sign notating which shelf (A-E) is where in the cycle (1-5) - that way we don't have to move everything every week.

Week 1 (partial week) Goes onto the shelf.
Week 2 (first Tuesday it has been on the shelf) Stays on the shelf.
Week 3 Stays on the shelf.
Week 4 Stays on the shelf.
Week 5 Up for grabs by anyone. On the following Tuesday, everything on this shelf is disposed and it becomes the new Week 1 shelf.
  • At any time, you may claim any item belonging to you on Purgatory. No notice needed; it's yours.
  • At any time, a warden or the COO may claim any Hive item that has erroneously ended up in Purgatory and place it back into its rightful place.
  • Any item on the Week 5 shelf may be claimed by anyone at any time. No notice needed.
  • Any item claimed by a member must be either removed from the Hive or placed in that member's personal storage area. Putting your name on an item and placing it somewhere else in the Hive does not count.
  • Any item that has been placed in Purgatory but has been re-located back into the Hive without COO or Area Warden approval may be discarded by the Wardens or the COO at any time.
  • Stuff not fitting on a shelf may be placed near Purgatory with a note saying it's in Purgatory and what shelf it would've gone on to.
  • An item may be released by its owner - whether the Hive or a member - for immediate grabs. When it's added to Purgatory, just add a note on the item that it's immediately up for grabs by the first person to claim it. The usual rule about removal or personal storage area applies.


  • Dibs may be called by any member for any item at any time by posting their name on the item (with a Post-It or taping a piece of paper)
  • If an item is not claimed by the end of Week 4, the person calling dibs has first crack at the item. It will be moved back one week to the next shelf to give that person time to remove it from the Hive and have its dibs notice discarded. Then, after that week, it goes back to being up for grabs.