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I want to steal hacklab's python newbie night idea and make it our own.



This is outright theft of the "Python Newbie Night" event. One night a week (Wed. @7pm maybe?) we get together with electronic copies of "think python", talk about a chapter, then write some code. We may skip around depending on the skill levels of those who are present. If the class format takes off we can do other languages as well (say java and C++). I would like to invite non-coders and non-members to the class, so tell your friends and relatives!

Project Manager

Chris Anderson


  • Chris Anderson - organizer
  • Paul
  • Nauseaboy

Project Status

I would like to do the first class on Wednesday Sept 22nd, @7pm. The day and time are totally negotiable. This semester I have class on Monday nights, and the weekly meeting is on Tuesday, so Wednesday sounded like as good a day as any to do it.

Project Needs

  • Attendees - anyone who wants to learn about programming in general, or python in particular is welcome to attend.
  • Computers - bring a laptop to read/code with. If there is interest, we can resurrect some of the PCs laying around the space as well.
  • Copies of "Python for Software Design"

Project Updates

(none yet)


  • You can download the book for free here:

  • You can buy the dead tree version of the book here: