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Hive13 Project
RFID Access System
Status: Active
Start Date: 1/12/2012



The purpose of this project is to build a modular RFID Access System that can be productized. It will be open source and open hardware. It is hopeful that other hackerspaces will adopt this so it can become fairly standardized. Right now pretty much every hackerspace has rolled their own device.

  • Requirements
    • Uses the Access Protocol
    • Accepts NFC tags and phones with NFC for access and tracking control (our badges run at 125kc)
    • Central database (Postgres, accessed via HTTP, served by a Perl Catalyst app)

Project Manager


What needs to be done

Main Door RFID

  • Battery backup somehow?

Annex Door RFID

  • Refuses to accept badges intermittently?
  • Finish drawing schematic, post it here, get circuit board made, remove mess above door.
  • Battery backup somehow?

Vending Machine RFID

  • Send sold out messages to the server - the machine knows the state of the switches currently.

The Snack Vending Machine has been gutted, its coin validator removed, and RFID card mounted to the machine, however, no work has been done to bring that machine to vending status.

Places it'd be nice to have badge readers

  • Doors out to annex hallway
  • Outside door by the Dumpster
  • Certification-only tools

Enrollment Station

One of the goals of this project is to build a case where cash payments to the hive can be recorded (and membership automatically extended), and cash payments can be automatically made to the card for the purposes of purchasing sodas.

This project is in the planning phase right now -- however, if you want to help, I would appreciate the time and can provide my guidance for this project.


Jon has created a board the has some processing power and can provide 3.3v, 5v, and 12v rails via power over ethernet and another board that can do 13.56MHz NFC/RFID. The boards have been built and tested, but need firmware to be written for them. Code and progress can be seen on [[1]].

Wiring Diagrams

Scanner to MCU wiring

  • This is correct for the annex door
  • The main door needs to have its wiring changed to match.
Function Scanner Wire Color Ethernet cable wire color
Wiegand D0 Green Green
Wiegand D1 White White/Green
Light Grey Orange
Beeper Purple White/Orange
+12V Red Both blues
Ground Black Both browns