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Hive13 Project
RFID Access System
Status: Active
Start Date: 1/12/2012



The purpose of this project is to build a modular RFID Access System that can be productized. It will be open source and open hardware.

  • Requirements
    • Must be modular, connected via a ZigBee Mesh network
    • Accepts RFID tags for access and tracking control
    • Central database (Ruby on Rails, MySQL, accessed via ConnectPort X2 or similar to the ZigMee Mesh)

Project Manager


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What needs to be done

  • Purchase Materials
    • RFID Reader(s)
    • Magnetic Lock
    • XBee S2 modules
    • ConnectPort X2
    • Extra Arduinos
  • Setup
    • Configure computer as Ruby backend for system
    • Set up arduino code to access through mesh and authorize


This project could be used to control access in and out of the Hive, and control access to tools, and even meter the Laser Cutter, if desired, and if it pans out. Ideas and assistance are welcomed.